“Why Handcrafted Soap” Brochure

The “Why Handcrafted Soap” brochure is a wonderful tool for telling your customers about the advantages of handcrafted soap and explaining the difference between handcrafted and commercial soaps.This 4-color brochure is professionally printed, beautifully done and even contains a space on the back where you can put your contact information.

There is a downloadable .pdf version in the Member Area of the website, but with the amount of color ink required to print, getting these is much more cost effective. http://www.soapguild.org/store/home.php or in the Members Area, click on shopping cart. Brochures are essentially FREE, we only ask $1.00 to help cover the postage to send them top you.

Remember, quantity of “1” in the shopping cart means you’ll receive 1 pack of 25 brochures.

Available to HSMG members only.

Maria Gelnett – Programs and Services Chair

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