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Handcrafter Memberships in the HSCG are for those individuals who make handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics. There are three levels of Handcrafter Memberships: Professional, Associate and Retired. Professional Handcrafter Memberships may include insurance. See the General Insurance FAQ and the Canadian Insurance FAQ for more details about the insurance. Additional information about the various membership benefits for each type of Handcrafter Membership can be found on the Member Benefits Chart and Handcrafter Benefits pages.


Professional Handcrafters are those individuals who make and sell their handcrafted soap and/or cosmetic products. The selected membership is for individuals residing in the US and INCLUDES Product and General Liability Insurance, which is paid for as part of the membership dues. The selected membership is for individuals residing in Canada. It does not automatically include insurance, but you have the option to purchase insurance at a group rate once you have joined (does not apply to residents of Quebec). The selected membership is for individuals who do not reside in the US or Canada. Insurance coverage is not included with your membership. The selected membership WAIVES Product and General Liability Insurance, on the basis that you already have appropriate insurance coverage.

Associate Handcrafters are those individuals who make but do not sell their handcrafted soap and/or cosmetic products... yet. An individual may be an Associate Handcrafter Member for a maximum of 5 years.

Retired Handcrafters are those individuals who may make but no longer sell their handcrafted soap and/or cosmetic products. An individual must have previously been a Professional member for a minimum of 2 years to qualify for membership as a Retired Handcrafter.

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The basic HSCG membership insurance benefit includes the typical insurance coverages you will need (review insurance coverage). However, you may increase your liability and/or business property coverage. If you teach, you can also add Professional Insurance.

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Benefactor Levels

The HSCG has three Benefactor Levels for those individuals who want to provide additional moretary support to the HSCG and receive special recognition:Friend ($100), Supporter ($250), and Patron ($500)

In the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Directory, Benefactor Members have their logos displayed on search pages, and on result pages, Benefactor Member listings show up at the top (Patrons first, then Supporters and Friends last). In addition, Benefactor Members are also listed on the Benefactor Members page in the "About the HSCG" section of the website.


The HSCG has a referral program for members. If someone influenced your decision to join or renew your membership, you can give him/her credit.

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Once your transaction is finalized and paid, your membership will immediately be active. You will be able to change your contact information and manage your membership in your Dashboard in the Member Area of the HSCG website. However, if any changes are needed to the name under which the membership is recorded, for security purposes you will need to call the HSCG office to request any changes.

Your insurance information will be sent to Veracity Insurace EXACTLY as you have entered it here. PLEASE BE SURE IT IS CORRECT. Once the order for your membership and insurance is paid and completed, you will have access to the HSCG Member Insurance Portal and can manage your insurance from there.