Exhibitor Space

Exhibitors at the HSMG Conference have exposure to attendees who are actively seeking companies to support their growing businesses. These attendees appreciate the face-to-face contact and relationship building that is done at the conference and love to ask their suppliers tons of questions.

The Conference schedule allows exhibitors to stay open for the duration of the conference, with very little "closed" time. There are also periods set aside in the schedule for exhibitor networking to allow the attendees ample time to visit the exhibitors exclusively. To increase exposure, all break snacks are served in the Exhibitor Room.

Once your contract is signed you will also be featured on the HSMG website and in the Conference Program Book gaining you even more exposure.

Exhibitor packages are available in several sizes, accomodating one or more booth staff. For more information or to reserve your exhibitor space, email the Conference Exhibitor Coordinator at .