Directory of Soap & Cosmetic Handcrafters

Certified Soapmakers      HSCG Soap/Cosmetic Teacher


Hickory Wickery LLC

Hickory 28601   

Hickory Wickery candles and soaps are hand poured in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. [More info]

Reeny's Butterflies Blooms and Bees

Miami 33176   

I am a small backyard beekeeper that uses her treatment free honey and beeswax to make handmade artisan soaps and body products [More info]

Lilac Hill Soaps & Sundries   

[More info]

Promois, Srl.

Dominican Republic   

We make soaps with crude and/or organic vegetables oils. We also make stearin /paraffin blends candles. [More info]

Flower Spirit Hong Kong

Hong Kong   

We provide soapmaking classes, cosmetics DIY classes, Aromatherapy Classes. We are also a soapmaking supplier. [More info]

Cayman Scents Ltd

Cayman Islands   

Cayman Scents creates natural handcrafted soaps, fun glycerin soaps, goat's milk soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, spa salts, natural soy candles and more. [More info]

Kayribbean - Handcrafted Soaps

St. Lucia   

Our Individually Handcrafted Soaps all made from local natural ingredients. [More info]

Anisa Jabón


Our soaps are made from food-grade vegetable oils, fruit and nut butters, including 100% natural ecuadorian arriba cocoa butter, clays, grains, and flower petals. We love exotic looks, tropical amazonia and beach aromas. Wholesale, private label, cu [More info]

Rosen Soap Art, LLC

Art you can use! Our love of visiting soap vendors at various farmer's markets and craft shows inspired us to make our own high quality soap. We love knowing exactly what is going into our products. It is also a fun medium to create art out of. [More info]

Verde Jabonería artesanal


Soaps made ​​with eco- conscious , natural and vegan ingredients, respectful of our bodies and the environment with a touch of creativity. [More info]

Mother Nature Health Products Pty Ltd


Our soaps and health care products are made from Australian natural ingredients. We welcome you to visit our website for our product range. [More info]

EnJabonArte Studio  


Clases Privadas, en Grupo, Personalizadas. Ofrecemos asesoría. Jabonería de Glicerina, Proceso frío y Cosmética [More info]

NSAA Bath and Body 


The symbol NSAA is the symbol of quality in Adinkra. From the ancestors, we take the value of quality, handcrafted with care. We use organic and locally sourced ingredients where possible. Our tagline: The Discerning Person Knows Quality. [More info]


Trinidad and Tobago Home Essentials   

Rodco Home Essentials is a growing company whose vision is to promote the benefits of local fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and milks. This is done through the use of these products in the formulations of their Soaps, Bath and Body Products. [More info]