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Handcrafted soap comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs and formulations. There are as many different types of soaps as there are soapmakers! The creativity of the members of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild knows no bounds.

Our Soap Gallery is filled with hundreds of soaps to please your senses and inspire and delight you. If only there were a way to share the amazing scents and luxurious feel of these creative and artistic soaps!

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Handcrafted Soap

Also known as "handmade soap" or "homemade soap", handcrafted soap is a blend of both science and art. By combining the scientific knowledge of the last 150 years and the artistic creativity of the soapmaker, each bar is safe, luxurious and unique.

Handcrafted soaps are manufactured locally in small batches with the personal oversight and care of the soapmaker, allowing the use of high-quality ingredients and the additional of specialty oils and additives to personalize the formulation.

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Handcrafted soap comes in a wide array of colors, scents, shapes, sizes and formulations. It can be fun and playful or designed for serious skin care. Whatever your needs, chances are there is a soapmaker making handcrafted soap that is perfect for you.

Looking for handcrafted soap? True handcrafted soap is rarely available in large commercial stores or retail chains. Generally soapmakers, being passionate about their products, sell personally in craft shows, farmers markets, local stores, and through their websites. These small artisan businesses support local economies by offering unique locally-made handcrafted soap as well as other handcrafted bath and body products. Look for the HSCG member logo on any handcrafted soap you purchase.

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Certified Soapmakers

The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild offers a Soapmaker Certification Program to the membership. It is optional, but open to all HSCG members.

The program offers 3 levels of certification (Basic, Advanced and Master) on two tracks (Hot/Cold Process and Melt and Pour).

Only current HSCG members who have completed certification can display the HSCG Certified soapmaker seal. When you see it, you know that the soap you are purchasing is safe and created by a soapmaker who has demonstrated competence in the field of making handcrafted soap.

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Find a Local Soapmaker

Members of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild are located in just about every US state and Canadian province and in many other countries around the world. If you are looking to find a local soapmaker to provide you the highest quality handcrafted soap, check the Find a Local Soapmaker pages. You can also search by company name, if you are trying to find a specific soapmaking company.

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While most of our members have websites where their soaps and other products can be viewed and purchased, many participate in our "Soap Guild Stores" program. If you are looking for a way to search and browse through many different websites selling handcrafted soap, check out the Soap Guild Stores where you can find the handcrafted soap that will fit your needs.

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Store Locator

Many soapmakers who make handcrafted soap sell through websites and don't have publicly accessible facilities. However, you can find them in retail gift and specialty stores, health food stores, farmers markets, craft shows, fairs and many other venues. If you are looking for a brick-and-mortar location, use our Store Locator to find handcrafted soap available near you.

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You may find that you need a specific soap for an event or gift; for example: gift soaps in your wedding colors, soaps in Grandma's favorite scent or a particular color for a housewarming gift. Whatever you're looking for, send your request directly to any of our members, one of whom can surely meet your needs.

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