Supporting Local Communities

Handcrafted soap and cosmetics businesses are entrepreneurial in nature, starting small and building up as they go along. As such, they provide full and/or part-time jobs in local community, bring revenue into the local community and participate in community events and fund-raising.

In those communities that have local farmer's markets, it is not uncommon to see handcrafted soap and cosmetics offered for sale to local residents and tourists. Handcrafters often also contribute to local school or church fundraising activities by participating in fairs and bazaars or directly donating to them.

Many handcrafters also have an on-line presence, which allows them to sell to customers outside the local community, and in turn funnel that revenue into the local economy.

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Members of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild tend toward donating some of their products to charitable organizations, an activitiy that the organization highly supports.

The following members of the HSCG have reported making donations to charitable organizations of their choice: