Business & Finance

How to set up your business and finances, create budgets, register your business, sales taxes - all you need to get your business off the ground with financial and inventory systems set up.

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Business Start-Up

  R NAICS Codes- The What's, Why's, and Where's 5.00 of 5

 Opening your First Retail Location

 About Business Insurance 4.33 of 5

  R Selecting Your Business Name 5.00 of 5

 Finance & Accounting 4.80 of 5

 Selecting Your Business Type 4.14 of 5

 Using an Assumed Business Name 4.50 of 5

 Getting an Employer Identification Number (EIN) 5.00 of 5

Hiring & Employees

  R Employee or Independent Contractor?

  R Employment Taxes

  R How to Register with Your State 3.00 of 5

  R How to Obtain an EIN 4.00 of 5

  R Complete How-To on Hiring Employees

 Hiring Good Employees

Wholesale Sales

  R Wholesale Toolkit 4.50 of 5