Siberian Soap Co.

P.O. Box 1289
Ames, IA 50014

Phone: 5159840840

Based in Ames, Iowa, Siberian Soap Co. features fine artisan handcrafted soaps, lip balms, and more - including separate product lines for people and dogs! (Yes, I heart my dog and the company is indeed named after my Siberian husky.)

Siberian Soap Co. specializes in cold-process soapmaking, a technique that is centuries-old. While handcrafted soaps carried a reputation in the past for being harsh, today the soapmaking process is aided by modern technology, like digital scales, which help to ensure precise batch accuracy, appropriate ingredient ratios, and guarantee that each bar of soap we produce is incredibly mild and gentle. Our soaps make your skin feel amazing (not all crispy/dried out like many commercial soaps do), they lather like crazy, are incredibly long-lasting, and provide wonderful plant-based fragrances to your home. Siberian Soap Co.'s goal is to produce a high quality, functional artisan soap at a reasonable cost - an affordable luxury!

Each artisan soap bar produced by Siberian Soap Co. combines a unique formulation of rich, nourishing plant oils and butters with lye to create soaps that are mild, moisturizing, and eco-friendly. While lye is a base ingredient - you can't make soap without it - our soaps are intentionally formulated with an excess amount of plant-based oils and butters to ensure that 100% of the lye reacts in the saponification process, leaving zero lye in the finished soap product.

Soapmaking is an art and a science. Each bar is truly unique, with aesthetic variations simply being testimony to the artisan nature of the handcrafted soapmaking process. Our soaps (and complete product line) are scented with only pure plant essential oils - no synthetic fragrances here. Herbs, clays, and nature’s botanicals provide soft color and texture, in addition to beneficial, skin-loving properties.

All of Siberian Soap Co.'s products are produced from scratch in small batches (our biggest batches are 28 bars of soap), which allows for precise measurements, an acute attention to detail, and the highest quality product. Furthermore, each bar of our soap cures for a minimum of four weeks to ensure the hardest, longest-lasting bar possible. In addition to the nourishing, natural ingredients that go into our products, we also strive to use recycled and/or biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible.

Siberian Soap Co.'s full line of products includes people soaps, lip balms, scrubs, and more. And for the four-legged friends, our Divine Canine dog shampoo is hugely popular and we also carry fresh homebaked dog treats.