The Catlins Soap Company

464 Owaka Valley Road
RD 2, Owaka
The Catlins, Otago 9586 New Zealand

Phone: 006434158421

WHY? I am a girl who loves to bake; only problem is when I bake, I eat the results and the hips did not agree with it so I saw a recipe one day on how to make soap the old fashioned way. After making my first batch I was hooked and that is how it all began…… I love the feeling of making the soap just as Great Grandma would have by using beautiful oils.
WHERE? How lucky am I to live in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of New Zealand, The Catlins on the South East Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. I started my venture in my kitchen but it got to a stage of is this soap or dinner? So with the help of a builder and an encouraging husband, my little factory has been created. Now when I am missing at dinner, the family knows where to look first.
HOW? I use two methods of soap making, the main one being the old fashioned way making it from scratch and the other method using a handcrafted organic glycerin soap base. After making numerous batches of square blocks of soap I wanted to go a step further and create art

from soaps so after many hours of researching I have purchased moulds from all around the world and now you can have moulds designed to your preference whether it be your business name, organization/club name, wedding favours, birthdays, or a gift to say thank you, whatever you the customer would like on your soap we can have it made into a mould that in turn will be transformed into a luxurious soap for you to enjoy.
With the goodness of the oils oozing from each piece of soap, you will feel pampered and refreshed