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How an organic, all-natural, hand-made soap was born, to make life better and easier for everyone who loves the outdoors.

Steve was a deputy Probation Officer assigned to the million-plus acres of Los Padres National Forest, near Santa Barbara. He spent his workdays in some of the most beautiful wilderness area you can imagine.

It was a great job, but with a major drawback – constant exposure to poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac plants. With each attack came maddening rashes and ceaseless itching, sleepless nights and lost workdays.

Over-the-counter remedies didn't help at all. Prescription medicines had bad side effects.

Eventually, Steve's doctor began to inject him with super-powerful steroids. But these shots came with a dire warning. In time, the steroids would ravage his body, leading to hip joint replacement surgery, and many other physical problems. The job he loved hung in the balance, and so did his health and peace of mind.

We vowed together, “We're going to find a better way.” And we did!

Research led us to mugwort, a medicinal plant that people around the world – including Native Americans – have used for centuries. Mugwort has natural substances that automatically binds to the sticky toxic compounds found on poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac, making it possible to wash the rash-causing misery away.
I decided to make a quick-acting natural soap with nothing but simple, pure ingredients. As a starting point, I just chopped up some mugwort leaves and blended them with olive oil. Steve rubbed the mixture on an active rash and it helped.

We were on the right track.

After several more experiments, one day we had a prototype soap that worked even better!

Steve gave a small bar to a Forestry Service official, asking him to give it a try. Word spread rapidly. Soon there were sheriff's deputies, firefighters, road crew workers, farmers, and mountain bikers literally knocking on our front door, wanting to get their hands on some of our “magic soap.”

Since then, we've poured much more hard work, research, experimentation, and passion into perfecting Paradise Road Poison Oak & Ivy Soap – the ideal way to conquer poison oak, poison ivy and poison sumac. Still made by hand, and now created with 100% natural and organic ingredients. In a recyclable package sturdy enough to serve as a carrying case.

More than 25 Fire Agencies use our great soap, along with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and CalFire, as well as trail workers, mountain bikers, hikers, kayakers, farmers, horseman and nature lovers everywhere.

Look for our soap in your local retail, health food, farm supply store or drug store. If they don't have it, please ask them to carry it for you.

Steve and I are intensely proud of our product. We believe that once you have used it you will make Paradise Road Poison Oak and Ivy Soap a constant staple of your outdoor lifestyle.

~ Karen