Kalina Naturals

Ajax, ON Canada

Website: www.kalinanaturals.com

Kalina Naturals is an eco-friendly, Canadian company who lovingly produces 100% natural, pure and luxurious, handmade soap and skincare products. We believe the path to happiness can be found by keeping things simple, holding a deep reverence for nature, and by following our bliss.

Founded by Marta Raptis in 2011 (originally under the name Delightful Suds), Kalina Naturals is the logical progression of Marta’s lifelong fascination with the beauty and understated elegance of soap made by hand. As her interest and knowledge about the benefits of aromatherapy grew, so did her realization of the negative side effects of the harsh synthetic chemicals and commercial preservatives found in ‘Supermarket Soap‘ (which is technically detergent, and not ‘soap’ at all).

She did a claw-foot bath-tub full of research, and joyfully made her first few batches of natural, fresh soap, which she gave out as Christmas gifts to friends and family. She was overwhelmed with the bubbling feedback she received, as well as the unending requests for more of these intoxicating little bars of bliss.

Marta had always been searching for an all-natural, exquisitely crafted line of botanically based skincare products that was also reasonably priced. She found many examples that achieved 2 out of 3 of those pre-requisites, but came up empty in her quest for a company that provided all 3.

She decided it was time to take her passion, practical know-how, and personal touch to the next level. She would create and market the products that she always wished she could find elsewhere. And that is how Kalina Naturals was born.

Living with her spotless husband James and faithful canine companion Calli just outside of the Toronto area, Marta wakes up each morning excited to ‘get to work’ and share her intoxicatingly-scented creations. One of the highlights of her work is getting to interact on a personal level with so many of her customers at farmer’s markets, trade shows, etc, and she is always energized by the amazing feedback she gets on her products.

We at Kalina Naturals know that making the absolute best, all-natural skincare products available is our calling, and hearing how much people love our products gives us the fire in the belly to keep us reaching higher and higher.