Cherry Tree Lane Soap Company

5724 McGinnis Road
Corryton, TN 37721

Phone: 865-689-7076
Fax: 865-689-7076

Cherry Tree Lane Soap Company is a very small company that makes homemade & handmade bath products including cold process soaps, natural gourmet lip scrub etc... Everything is made fresh and in very small batches to ensure the finest quality available with natural and organic ingredients priority. We believe in using pure fresh ingredients that are good for the mind and body. We think our special soap recipe creates the creamiest and most bubbly lather available. Our products and themes are unique and you will only find them here at Cherry Tree Lane! Our goal is to give YOU the customer a very unique experience with everything from fragrance to design. We strive to help you to create a peaceful, fun, and stress free environment in the privacy of your own bath.