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1222 N Main Street
Hampstead, MD 21074

Phone: (443) 413-9446
Website: www.Misogi-Naturals.com

Misogi-Naturals presents a NEW Patented delivery system for bar soap, made with over 70% organic ingredients, body butters and fine essential oils. Signature scents are Ginger Sake, Silk Kimono, Bamboo Ash, Wasabi Lime, Dragon Breath and Mocha Kohi.

Misogi-Naturals is all about nature. You'll never find any industrial compounds, synthetic fragrances or colors in our products. FREE from SLS (Sodium Laurelth Sulfate), Phthalates, BHA, BHT, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, FD&C, Lake or Ultra-marine Dyes, etc, etc. There is no animal milk, fats, tallows or bee products, so we are Vegan Friendly too,

"MISOGI" is based on an ancient Japanese ritual of the same name that is performed by Aikido Masters in waterfalls for Spiritual Purification. We respect that tradition and have combined the finest natural ingredients with exotic essential oils to craft fragrances of the Orient with healing properties.

The Patented LatherMaster Soap with exfoliating pad attached, provides many benefits not available in conventional soap bars today.
a) By rotating the bar just a few times between the palms of your hand with water ( called the Misogi Roll ) an amazingly thick and creamy lather is created. This lather is so thick and luxurious... it's suitable for shaving men's beards, bald heads, women's legs and bikini lines.
b) The exfoliating pad gently provides dermal abrasion and opens clogged pores. soft enough for facial cleansing, yet course enough to scrub you cleaner than ever before.
c) The soap is protected from dissolving in a wet soap dish. When placed pad facing downward... the soap is elevated for air circulation and drying.
d) There are no slivers or wasted soap as you always have the Exfoliating pad to hold on to providing longer satisfaction until all the soap is completely used. It's possible to get 50 or more uses from a single bar. Your experience may vary.
e) When completed ... you now have a scrub pad for multiple uses around the house
f) Finally, when exhausted the pad can be placed in the RECYCLING BIN. That's right... the pad is made from 100% Recycled water bottles and vegetable binders, unlike the formaldehyde used to bind most pads.

The company is dedicated to a Triple Bottom Line, Planet, People, Profit. Our packaging is printed on Sustainable Forestry Initiative paper, the clear shrink wrap is biodegradable and compostable in your garden, the exfoliating pad is made from Recycled water bottles, the crinkle papers in our gift boxes are made from Recycled paper in a 100 year old grist mill using water power, the packaging noodles are made from corn starch, dissolve in water and are compostable and finally our shipping cartons are made from Recycled cardboard.

And for every Moch Kohi product sold... we donate to "Grounds for Health" providing important cervical cancer treatments to women in third world countries.