Anna's EsSCENTials Bodycare & Handmade Soaps

114 W. Bryan, PO 159
2nd floor
Owenton, KY 40359

Contact: Sharon Lombardo
Phone: 502-484-2333
Fax: 502-484-2337

Anna�s EsSCENTials Bodycare develops handmade herbal artisan soaps and body products with an emphasis on health and well-being. Owner Sharon Lombardo specializes in olive oil soaps, using essential oils, herbs, and other healthful skincare additives. Over the years, her handmade body products have developed a loyal user base, and she continually introduces interesting new scent combinations for her soaps.

Recognizing the many natural resources of Kentucky, she has developed the "Kentucky Soap Series" which includes Kentucky Sunshine, Kentucky Moonshine, and Kentucky Home. Sharon offers a unique line of skincare and anti-aging products using herbs and specialty oils.

Her company, Anna�s EsSCENTials Bodycare, is named for her paternal grandmother, Anna, who helped Sharon learn to appreciate the natural and home-crafted things in her life. Sharon encourages beginning soapmakers and, in addition to her Web site (, she maintains a blog ( with experiences and tips & tricks for both customers and other soapmakers, and an index site ( with a wide variety of interesting articles about handmade soap and body products.