Alberta Handmade Soap Co.

Box 174
Valleyview, AB T0H 3N0 Canada

Contact: Amy Garrett

We are pleased to provide our customers with high quality, handmade bath and body products, all made right here in Northern Alberta.

Our specialty is our handcrafted soaps, all made in small batches by hand. Our soaps are suitable for people of all ages with all skin types, including people with sensitive skin; dry, oily, and combination skin; people dealing with eczema and psoriasis; and of course, normal skin.

We currently also make and sell our own hand and body lotions and lip balms, with more products in development. All of our products are made using our own exclusive formulas to ensure we are giving you the highest quality product possible.

The ingredients we use in our products are exceptionally high quality, from trusted and well known Canadian and US suppliers. We use all of our products on our families and ourselves, and we believe that everyone deserves the absolute best for our skin and bodies.