D's B's

714 S Meadowbrook Dr
Bloomington, IN 47401

Contact: Doreen Power
Phone: 8123367925
Website: DsBs.Etsy.com

I am an urban beekeeper in Bloomington Indiana. I use the products from my hives in all of my soaps. I endeavor to use 100% natural and organic ingredients and that includes many plants from my garden: lavender, calendula, chamomile and even hops .
My bees never cease to amaze me and keep me entertained. I am especially intrigued by what the hives produce and store; honey, pollen, wax, propolis, royal jelly etc and all while accomplishing their most needed function of pollinating our fruits and vegetables.
The girls have inspired me to create and produce. I hope you enjoy the products - it's all here because of the bees!