Bella Luna Soaps and Farm

Chuckey, TN 37641

Contact: Heather Roth
Phone: 907-229-7210

Bella Luna Soaps & Farm was founded in the fall of 2010 at my farm in Northeastern Tennessee at the foot of the Appalachian mountains. I am a second generation soaper and I love what I do! 100% Natural is important to me as I have struggled with health issues all my life. Sourcing pure and clean ingredients is of utmost importance to me. All of my products are vegetarian and most are vegan. The few that contain animal products are labeled as such and come from local, sustainable, and animal friendly sources.

What you will find in my products:

food grade vegetable oils and butters
local ingredients when possible
pure essential oils
natural colors from veggies, herbs, oils and roots
whole ingredients
100% handcrafted from scratch
small batches for quality control and freshness
hand raised and harvested herbs and flowers at the farm
What you will NOT find in my products:

hydrogenated oils, GMO oils, junk/cheap oils
animal fats
fragrance oils (chemical smells produced in a lab to smell like natural fauna)
chemicals or byproducts
dyes and colorants
pre-manufactured bases
Bella Luna utilizes several different soapmaking methods. The bar soap is made using the 'Cold Process' method. This method is the old fashioned way of making natural soap, mixing an alkali (lye/sodium hydroxide) with oils making a chemical reaction which enables the soap to form. This method takes between 4-6 weeks minimum for the bars to cure and be ready for use. The liquid soap is made using the 'Hot Process' method. A more modern method which requires no curing time as you are using direct heat and cooking the soap. This method takes more time initially, but once done it is ready for use.