Bath Alchemy Lab

Greensboro, NC


Bath Alchemy Lab offers soap, bath and body, and candle making classes and workshops at different skill levels in a fun and friendly environment or online in the comfort of your home.

Soap classes range from beginner to advanced in both cold process and melt and pour. Bath and body classes cover lotions, bath treats, herbal skincare, and more. And candle making classes teach the basics of natural soy, beeswax, and palm candles.

14 Week Soapmaking Academy covers everything from beginner soapmaking through advanced techniques as well as business. Fall, Summer and Spring terms. Payment plans available. Registration limited.

Classes may be in a demonstration or a hands on format providing a thorough understanding of theory and practice. Classes are kept small and allow for questions and interactions with students. Private lessons are also available. Classes include one or more of the following:
* Comprehensive manuals
* Samples
* Kits with full materials
* Products made in class


If you live elsewhere in the SE of the US, and would like to be considered for a class to be held in your area, please let us know.


Upcoming Classes

Online Classes (Anytime)

Advanced Soap Decorating

Learn to create soap using cake decorating techniques, including cupcake soaps, pie toppings, flowers, soap painting, and more. Step by step video demonstrations show you what to do to achieve the designs you love.

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CP Liquid Substitutions

Learn to create soap using different types of liquids in this class, including beer, wine, coffee, and more. Learn tricks and tips throughout the video demonstrations.

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Milk Soapmaking

Learn to create soap using different types of milk in this demonstration class, including benefits, differences and special considerations. See tips to get your milk soaps white, and more.

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Advanced Scenery in Soap

Soap Scenery goes beyond simple layering and embedding. You'll learn to combine multiple techniques to create complex designs through step by step video demonstrations, plus we'll explain the theory behind achieving the designs you love.

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CP Intermediate Soapmaking 2 - Swirling

Prerequisite - CP Beginner. Learn techniques including pot swirling, funneling, marbling & more in this ONLINE class. Multiple video demonstrations walk you through each step. Learn all about trace and how to use different tools using the sam

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CP Soapmaking Boot Camp

Want to take several of our CP soapmaking classes and learn to make soap in hands on classes, including fancy swirls and layers? Want to know how to start and run a soap and cosmetic business all from the comfort of your home? The Online Soapm

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CP Intermediate Soapmaking 1 - Embedding/Layering

Prereq - CP Beginner. Learn to create soap using several techniques in this ONLINE class, including embedding, layering, & using additives. Multiple demonstrations on everything from making ombre layers to using tools to create exciting shapes

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CP Beginner Soapmaking

Learn to make cold process soap from start to finish, including how to design your own recipes. This is extremely comprehensive and covers over 4 hours of material. You won't find a class like this anywhere.

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CP Advanced Swirling 1

Learn to create soap using several techniques, including the Hanger swirl, Elemental swirl, 10 Color Marbling, and Looping swirl. Also learn the Pot and Drop Swirl, the Striped Swirl, and Impressionism.

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Scenting in Soapmaking

Learn all about how to use various essential oils and fragrances in your soap, including how to combine scents for your own custom blends, anchor scent, work through problem fragrances, and more

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Packaging and Labeling Soap and Cosmetics

Learn to properly label and package your products to sell to the public following government guidelines. This class will break down the guidelines in layman’s terms and provide lots of samples to evaluate and learn about.

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Advanced Swirling 2

Love swirling but need some help? You've come to the right place. Not only do we show you how to make peacock swirls and feathering in step by step video demonstrations, but we also explain the theory behind achieving the designs you love.

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Soap and Cosmetic Business Course

Learn many aspects of running your own soap or bath and body company, including business set-up, marketing your products, selling at craft shows, online, consignment and wholesale, liability insurance considerations, record keeping, social medi

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Colorants in Soapmaking

Learn all about how to use various colorants in your soap, from natural infusions to rich micas, and everything in between. Learn how to use colorants and how to vein, paint, swirl, and more with micas.

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CP/HP Soapmaking Pro

This class goes beyond the Beginner Soapmaking and dives into more of the chemistry of soapmaking along with terminology, basic soap labeling, and good manufacturing practices. It is designed for soapmakers that want to continue to develop.

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