Respond to Special Requests

Visitors who go to the Consumers section of the HSMG website have various ways to find handcrafted soap, one of which is to Submit a Special Request for a particular type of soap or soap product.

How It Works

Special requests submitted by consumers can be answered by members. Members can see the request, but the person's email is not disclosed. If the member can fill the special request, he/she can submit a response through the HSMG website. The member's response and contact information will be sent to the consumer, who can then enter into direct communication with the member. The system is set up this way to protect consumer privacy.


Responding to special requests is limited to Professional Soapmaker Members as they are the ones who are actually making and marketing handcrafted soap.

Accoring to our records, you do not have a Professional Soapmaker Membership, and are therefore not qualified to respond to special requests. Your membership benefits chart explains the different benefits of each membership type.

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* I understand that the information I have provided here will be sent to the consumer exactly as I have entered it, with a reply-to address of the email I have provided here.