PO Box Petition

One of the issues facing soap and cosmetic handcrafters is the fact the full street address of the manufacturer is required on product labels (if the business is not listed in a print city or telephone directors). In that many handcrafters work from home, that means that their home address is required on the label. This can be a issue for many handcrafters who do not, or can not, receive customers at their homes, and has the potential of causing security issues for them, putting them at risk.

In August 2012, the HSMG submitted a Citizen Petition to change the wording of the existing labeling regulations to allow a USPS Post Office Box in lieu of a street address on product labels. As of filing, the FDA had 180 days to respond.

All of the documents concerning the petition, including comments submitted by interested parties, can be found online. Additional comments can still be submitted.

On February 1, 2013, the FDA responded with an Interim Response. So far they have not been able to reach a decision, but they stated " our staff is currently evaluating your petition and anticipates completing the review in the near future."