Recommended Books

These books have been recommended by our members as good resources for learning about soap making. Some of the books listed below link to - some are linked directly to the HSMG's shopping cart. The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, Inc. is a registered affiliate of and receives a small commission on sales made through Amazon. All revenue is used in the fullfillment of our mission statement.

Art of Soapmaking

Merilyn Mohr

Basic Soapmaking

Elizabeth Letcavage

Caveman Chemistry

Kevin Dunn

Creative Soapmaking

Elin Criswell

Essentially Soap

Robert S. McDaniel

Handcrafted Soap

Delores Boone

Handmade Soap Book

Melinda Cross

Idiot's Guide to Making Natural Soaps

Sally Trew & Zonella Gould

Made From Scratch

Jenna Woginrich

Make it Fizz

Holly Port

Making Natural Liquid Soap

Catherine Failor

Making Soap From Scratch

Gregory Lee White

Making Transparent Soap

Catherine Failor

Melt & Mold Soap Crafting

C. Kaila Westerman

Milk-Based Soaps

Casey Makela

Natural Soap Book

Susan Caavitch

Natural Soap Chef

Hiedi Corley Barto

Natural Soapmaking

Marie Browning

Smart Soapmaking

Anne Watson

Soap Craft

Diana Sutton

Soapmakers Companion

Susan Cavitch

Soapy Love

Debbie Chialtas

Soothing Soaps

Sandy Maine

The Natural Soapmaking Cookbook

Marina Tadiello & Patrizia Garzena

The Natural Soapmaking Handbook

Marina Tadiello & Patrizia Garzena