Resources for Soapmakers

The HSMG provides various resources for soapmakers, to assist in their soapmaking endeavors. These resources are provided as a service to the industry and are available to all soapmakers, whether they are members of the HSMG or not.

Lye Calculator

The HSMG Lye Calculator is unique among the lye calculators that are available online. All lye calculators base the calculations for the amount of lye on the typical SAP (saponification) value for the oils. Since oils are defined as a range, knowing the actual SAP value being used in the calculations can help in understanding the results. The HSMG lye caluclator provides this information. (Members using the advanced lye calculator can also set the SAP value used in the calculation.)

The water necessary for a soap batch is variable, based on the formulation of oils used, the needs of the batch (i.e. will it be used for swirling, embeds, etc.) and the preferences of the soapmaker. The HSMG lye calculator gives ranges for the amount of water, based on research done by Kevin Dunn and published in his book, Scientific Soapmaking.

Helpful Links

We have collected a group of helpful links that are of interest to small businesses and soapmakers in a variety of areas.

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Recommended Books

We have compiled a list of books for small businesses, handcrafted soapmakers and those who make handcrafted cosmetics. Some of the books can be found in the HSMG Store and a member discount may be available. Many of the books are authored by our Conference Speakers and/or Members and we are pleased to feature them on the list. If you would like to see a book added please send an email to

Soapmaking Events

This is a helpful list of events that are of interest to soapmakers, they may be local gatherings or trade shows. If you know of an event that should be included, please submit it using our online form. We will also add more events as the data become available.