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Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of information provided by members to the HSMG is of utmost importance. This policy clarifies what information the HSMG shopping cart collects and how it may be used.

The name and contact information for a person who purchases through the shopping cart is added to the HSMG database. Informational emails and paper mailings are sent on an occasional basis. One may request to be removed from the email or mailing list at any time.

Some items, when purchased through the shopping cart, give an option to have the information published (new memberships, renewals, donations to the Legislative Advocacy Fund, for example). These announcements are always optional, and the preference selected will always be honored.

Sensitive business or financial information may be collected when an individual signs up for membership or renews a membership. Such information is absolutely confidential and is stored securely with limited access. Identifiable information may never be disclosed to anyone except the insurance company, if requested.

Credit card information collected via the shopping cart is stored in an encrypted database and deleted once the payment is processed.

All personal contact information supplied by current, past or potential members or through the shopping cart is considered confidential and may not be released or used for any purpose other than to contact the person, fulfill the HSMG's obligations to provide services to the member and/or as specified by the purchaser through options in the shopping cart. Such services may include mail, email or phone contact, forwarding information to Stratus Insurance, etc. In no case may contact information be given to any person for any non-HSMG related activity.

For additional information, see the HSMG Privacy Policy.