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Professional Membership

Professional Membership

The Professional Membership is for individuals who make handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics and market them to the public and are located in the US. If you reside outside the US, join using the Canadian Professional Membership or International Professional Membership.

Benefits for Professional Members are geared toward those things that assist in promoting handcrafted soap and cosmetics, increasing proficiency in the trade, improving business skills, encouraging networking opportunities and providing general exposure for the member's business and products. Professional Membership includes general and product liability insurance.

For a complete list of benefits, see the Member Benefits Chart and the Benefits for Soapmakers.

Code of Ethics

By joining the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild, you agree to abide by the HSCG Code of Ethics.

Benefactor Levels

You can choose to upgrade your membership to a Benefactor Level in the Options section below. Benefactor members receive additional benefits, priority placement of listings and public acknowlegdements for their increased support of the HSMG.


The Professional Membership comes with basic insurance, which includes $1 million in product and general liability, and also includes property insurance of $1,000 per item, maximum $5,000 total. These levels may be increased. See the Insurance FAQ for additional information about insurance.

  • Increased Liability raises your total liability limit to $2 million.

  • Professional Liability covers you if you teach or act as a professional. While the general liability covers you if something happens to someone or if your product is bad, professional liability covers you if you teach someone to do something and they feel you are liable because of the information or advice they got from you.

  • Increased Property raises the amount of property that is covered. There are several levels. The amount shown in the option box below is the total amount you would be covered for.


You must include your legal business name and details in the form below in order to make sure your coverage is accurate. IF THE LEGAL NAME IS INCORRECTLY LISTED ON YOUR POLICY, YOU MAY NOT BE COVERED IN THE EVENT OF A CLAIM.

  1. Select the correct business type. If it's "just you", and you your taxes on a Schedule C under your own personal tax return, select "Sole Proprietorship"

  2. Enter the correct LEGAL name under which your business is registered. If your business is a sole-proprietorship, ENTER YOUR OWN NAME, even if you have a business name (DBA) under which you do business. If your business is set up as a Partnership, LLC, Corporation or Subchapter-S Corporation, enter in the LEGAL NAME OF THE ENTITY under which you are registered and file your taxes (even if you have another business name (DBA) under which the business operates.

  3. If you have a DBA ("doing business as") name, different than the legal name under which your business is established, be sure to enter it.

EXCLUSIONS LIST: Please read the Exclusions List to review what is and is not covered by your insurance.

INSURANCE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please read the Insurance Terms and Conditions before submitting your membership.

Membership Information

The membership will be processed with the name, address and contact information submitted in the shopping cart checkout process. Any information already on file within the HSCG will be updated to reflect the contact information submitted in the cart as we assume that is most the most up-to-date information.

PLEASE NOTE: Your membership will be processed in the HSCG office within 1 business day. At that time you will be sent an email with your member number, membership details and HSCG Member Area log-in information.


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