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Vendor Membership - Tier 1

Vendor Membership - Tier 1

The Vendor Membership is for businesses that provide products or services to those in the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry. The membership is in the name of the company or business.

If you MAKE handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics, you should purchase the appropriate HANDCRAFTER MEMBERSHIP.

Tier 1 membership is designed to provide the HSMG items and services most often purchased by larger vendors, e.g. Conference Tickets, Exhibitor Space and Conference sponsorship opportunities and prominence on the HSCG website, as a single, all-inclusive package.

For complete details on the benefits associated with a Tier 1 Vendor Membership, see the Member Benefits Chart and the Benefits for Vendors.

Code of Ethics

By joining the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild, you agree to abide by the HSCG Code of Ethics.

Company Contacts

Vendor and Private Labeler Membership is in the name of the COMPANY. It must have three people connected to it: an Owner, a Contact Person, and a Billing Contact. These may be the same or different people. This allows the owner of the company to assign duties relative to maintenance of their HSCG membership, if desired.

The Owner will receive notifications about the membership only (i.e. new member notification, renewal reminders, and notification if the membership expires).

The Contact Person will receive a new member notifications, all eNews and member updates, renewal reminders and notification if the membership expires. If not otherwise specified, the Owner will be used as the Contact Person.

The Billing Contact will receive membership notifications, renew notices by email and mail, and notification if the membership expires. If not otherwise specified, the Owner will be used as the Billing Contact.

All three contacts will have individual logins allowing them to access the Member Area of the HSCG website, change company contact information, make changes to online listings, submit vendor enews or make other changes or submissions to take advantage of vendor member benefits. Only the Owner may designate or change the Contact Person and Billing Contact, and such chanages must be made by contacting the HSCG Administrative Office.

PLEASE NOTE: Your membership will be processed in the HSCG office within 1 business day. At that time you will be sent an email with your member number, membership details and HSCG Member Area log-in information.


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