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Candlemaker's Companion (by Betty Oppenheimer)

Candlemaker's Companion (by Betty Oppenheimer)
A Complete Guide to Rolling, Pouring, Dipping, and Decorating Your Own Candles

With illustrated, step-by-step illustrations and complete source lists, Betty Oppenheimer shows crafters how to easily create rolled, poured, molded, and dipped candles from wax to wick.

208 pages; with illustrations.

About the Author

Betty Oppenheimer is an experienced crafter and seamstress who studied textile science at the Fashion Institute of Technology, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University, and has worked as textile quality assurance engineer and manager for Eddie Bauer, Inc., Brittania Sportswear, Ltd., and Generra Sportswear. Now living in rural Washington State, Betty writes, edits, and designs a variety of publications for the sovereign government of the Jamestown SíKlallam Tribe. She is the author of The Candlemakerís Companion and the self-published Growing Lavender and Community on the Sequim Prairie: A How-to and History.

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