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Master Soapmaker Certification

Master Soapmaker Certification

Master Level Certification examinations are a multi-step process, which may be started at any time.

Once you have paid for the Master Soapmaker Certification, the Certification Committee will send you the necessary paperwork. Details on how the Master Soapmaker Certification is structured can be found in the main HSMG website at Master Level Certification Overview.

You must already be certified at the Advanced Soapmaker Level before starting the Master Soapmaker Certification process.


An installment plan is available whereby you can pay for Master Certification in 8 monthly installments of $50.00 each. Payments through the installment plan cannot be taken through the shopping cart at this time. Please contact the HSMG Office to arrange to pay for your Master Certification by installments.

Soapmaker Certification is available to current HSMG members only.

Price: $150.00
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