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Encylopedia of Herbs (by Arthur Tucker & Thomas DeBaggio)

Encylopedia of Herbs (by Arthur Tucker & Thomas DeBaggio)

A Comprehensive Reference to Herbs of Flavor and Fragrance

This meticulously researched compendium provides every aspect of growing, identifying, harvesting, preserving, and using more than 500 species of herbs.Thorough profiles provide a plant's botanical name and family, whether it is an annual or perennial, its height, hardiness, light requirements, water consumption, required soil type, and pH. 

The often fascinating history of the plant, the chemistry of its essential oils, and its culinary, landscape, and craft uses are also included, as is advice on how to propagate. For the first edition of their work, both authors received The Gertrude B. Foster Award for Excellence in Herbal Literature from the Herb Society of America. This new edition adds important species and includes updated nomenclature.

Hardcover, 604 pages.

About the Authors

Art Tucker — Dr. Arthur O. Tucker to his students at Delaware State University in Dover — is a botanist specializing in the identification and chemistry of plants of flavor, fragrance, and medicine. In his capacity as Research Professor and Director of the Claude E. Phillips Herbarium, he has had the fortunate opportunity to work with all age groups, from young children to retirees, and a wide variety of ethnic groups to help them better appreciate herbs.

Thomas Davis DeBaggio was an American author, herb grower, and advocate for research into Alzheimer's disease. DeBaggio was once called the best “Rosemaryologist in America” and his company, DeBaggio Herbs, was one of the most respected herb farms and nurseries in the Washington D.C. area. DeBaggio grew up and lived near Ashton Heights, Arlington, Virginia for much of his life. Prior to growing herbs in 1974, he was a journalist with the Wilmington Independent and the Northern Virginia Sun.

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