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Vendor Memberships

Vendor memberships are for business who provide products or services to those in the handcrafted soap industry. Benefits are geared toward those things that support the industry overall and which help them gain exposure to soapmakers.

Vendor Membership is in the name of a business or company (rather than an individual). Vendor Members may vote, but may not hold office.

There are three Tiers of membership, with dues based on the level of membership benefits. For more information on benefits for each level see: For Vendors and Suppliers and the Member Benefits Chart.

If you MAKE handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics, you should purchase the appropriate HANDCRAFTER MEMBERSHIP.

Vendor Membership - Tier 1

Tier 1 membership is designed to provide the HSCG items and services most often purchased by larger vendors, e.g. Conference Tickets, Exhibitor Space and Conference sponsorship opportunities and prominence on the HSCG website, as a single, all-inclusive package.


Vendor Membership - Tier 2

Tier 2 benefits are designed to provide the HSMG items and services most often purchased by vendors as a single, all-inclusive package, but at a smaller level.


Vendor Membership - Tier 3

The Vendor Tier 3 Membership is designed for businesses working on a smaller budget but who still want to gain exposure to soapmakers and support the activities of the HSCG.