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"Why Handcrafted Soap" Brochure

"Why Handcrafted Soap" Brochure

The Why Handcrafted Soap brochure is a wonderful tool for telling your customers about the advantages of handcrafted soap and explaining the difference between handcrafted and commercial soaps.This 4-color brochure is professionally printed, beautifully done and even contains a space on the back where you can put your contact information.

There is a downloadable .pdf version on the Why Handcrafted Soap brochure page in the Member Area of the website (member login required), but with the amount of color ink required to print, buying the professionally printed versions is much more cost effective. Brochures offered at our cost.

Remember, quantity of "1" in the shopping cart means you'll receive 1 pack of 25 brochures.

Available to HSMG members only.

Price: $2.00
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