Handcrafter Membership

Soap and cosmetic makers of all levels are welcome as members of the HSCG. Benefits for Handcrafter Members are geared toward those things that assist in promoting handcrafted soap and cosmetic products, increasing proficiency in the trade, improving business skills, encouraging networking opportunities and providing general exposure for the member's business and products. Sign up for an Associate Membership, Professional Membership (with or without insurance) or Retired Handcrafter Membership here. ...

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Vendor Membership

Vendor memberships are for those who provide products or services to those in the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry. Vendor Benefits are geared toward assisting them to gain more exposure to soap and cosmetic makers. View and sign up for your customized Tier level of Vendor Membership. ...

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Private Label Membership

Private Labeled Membership is for companies that purchase and then resell handcrafted soap and cosmetics under their own label. Benefits for Private Label Members are geared toward promoting handcrafted soap and cosmetics, as well as providing communication channels with handcrafted soap and cosmetic makers. ...

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