Policy and Procedures

The policies of the HSCG form the basis of the procedures and actions of the HSCG. They are all reviewed by the Policies, Procedures and Bylaws Committee to ensure that they are in compliance and agreement with the HSCG Bylaws and applicable state and federal laws and regulations. In order to become official all policies must be approved by the Board of Directors and major policies must be approved by the general membership at the Annual Meeting.

The following policies and procedures have been written, approved and implemented.

NOTE: Policies are .pdf documents; links will open in a new tab or window.

Alcohol Policy

HSCG Policy concerning purchasing alcohol with HSCG funds. (Version 2.1; May 1, 2018)

Annual Strategy Meeting

Purpose of the Annual Strategy Meeting, what should be accomplished and who attends. (Version 4; Mar 20, 2018)

Board Meeting Minutes

Procedural guidelines for taking and posting minutes of Board of Director meetings. (Version 3.1; May 4, 2018)

Board Protocol

Protocol for HSCG Board Members. (Version 4; May 4, 2018)

Board Responsibilities at the Conference

What the responsibilities of Board Members are at the Annual Conference. (Version 4; May 4, 2018)

Brand Book

Specifications on preparation and use of HSCG Brand Book (Version 1; Jul 1, 2018)

Certification Program

Description of the HSCG Certification Program and how it works. (Version 1; Mar 5, 2019)

Code of Ethics

Coe of Ethics for HSCG members. Approved by membership. (Version 2.1; May 20, 2018)

Committee Protocol

A guide to the responsibilities and duties for Committee Members. (Version 3; May 4, 2018)

Committee Reports

What should be included in a committee report and how it should be formatted. (Version 1.1; May 4, 2018)

Conflict of Interest Statement

What a conflict of interest is, and how it is addressed. (Version 3.1; May 4, 2018)

Corporate Record Book

What corporate records must be kept and how, and the responsibilities for doing so. (Version 3; May 4, 2018)

Cut to the Trace eZine

Details of the Cut To The Trace eZine, including what it should contain, publishing schedule, and contribution guidelines. (Version 2; Mar 20, 2018)

Disclosure of Information

What corporate information must be available to all members and what information may be otherwise disclosed under specific circumstances. (Version 5; May 4, 2018)

Do Not Contact Status

Creation of a "Do Not Contact" status, procedures for assignment and review. (Version 1; Jul 1, 2018)

E-News: Classes

What is included in the Classes eNews, when it is sent and to whom. (Version 2; Mar 20, 2018)

E-News: Vendor Specials

Procedures and requirements for submitting information for the Vendor Specials eNews,; how the eNews is formatted. (Version 2; Mar 4, 2018)

Email Accounts

Use of HSCG (@soapguild) email accounts, rules for using accounts, how to access, management, privacy and security. (Version 1.1; Jul 11, 2019)

Ethics Formal Complaint Form

Form for making a formal ethics complaint. (Version 2.1; Nov 14, 2017)

Ethics Procedures: Violations of HSCG Code of Ethics

Procedures for reporting and handling ethics complaints against HSCG members. (Version 3; May 18, 2019)

Events Calendar

Management and use of Events Calendar on the HSCG website. (Version 1; Jun 30, 2009)

Expense Reimbursements

What expenses may be reimbursed and the procedures for getting reimbursement when applicable. (Version 5; Mar 20, 2018)

Facebook Posting Rules

Rules for posting on HSCG Facebook pages and in HSCG Facebook groups. (Version 3; Mar 20, 2018)

Financial Management

Overview of HSCG financial management, accounts, budgets, signatories, accounting and oversight. (Version 3; Oct 7, 2013)

Financial Reporting

Standards for financial reporting to the membership at the Annual Meeting. (Version 3.1; May 4, 2018)

HSCG Debit and Credit Cards

Who can be issued an HSCG Credit or Debit card, the requirements and restrictions for doing so, and the responsibilities of anyone issued a credit or debit card. (Version 2; Mar 20, 2018)

Hiring Policy

Defines HSCG hiring practices and procedures. (Version 5; May 4, 2018)

How-To Library

Access to the How-To Library on the HSCG Website; content requirements and approval process. (Version 2; May 4, 2018)

Important Files and Documents

How important files and documents of the HSCG are handled. (Version 2.1; Mar 4, 2018)

Intellectual Property

How the rights to intellectual property created by volunteers and staff are handled. (Version 3.1; Jul 1, 2018)

Legal and Professional Advice

Description and of legal and professional advice and information and the HSCG staff responsibilities concerning same. (Version 1; Jul 1, 2019)

Local and Regional Gatherings

How the HSCG supports local and regional gatherings, and the procedures and responsibilities for doing so. (Version 3; Mar 20, 2018)

Member Benefits

Summary of member benefits. (Version 4.1; Mar 20, 2018)

Member Online Listings

What online listings are available to members, which membership level(s) they apply to, how to submit information and how the information is displayed. (Version 2; Mar 20, 2018)

Member Pledge

The HSCG Code of Ethics, written as a a member pledge ("A member of the HSCG shall ...") (Version 2.1; Mar 20, 2018)

Membership Expirations and Renewals

How lapses of membership are handled, including assignment of new member number. (Version 4.1; Jul 1, 2018)

Online Information Access

Who is authorized to access online HSCG information and for what purpose; who is responsible for keeping access security up-to-date. (Version 3; Mar 20, 2018)

Position Statement

Official position statement of the HSCG concerning what is considered "handcrafted" (Version 1; Apr 28, 2005)

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy for the HSCG. (Version 4; Jul 1, 2018)

Record of Assets

What records must be maintained for HSCG assets, and who is responsible for doing so. (Version 3; May 4, 2018)

Recording of Conference Speakers

Policy on recording speakers at the annual conference. (Version 2.1; May 4, 2018)

Referral Program

How the HSCG referral program works. (Version 4; Mar 20, 2018)

Renewal Reminders

Requirements for sending renewal reminders to members. (Version 2.1; Jul 1, 2018)

Soapers Showcase Hall of Fame

Requirements for and benefits of the Soapers Showcase Hall of Fame (Version 1; Apr 8, 2019)

Teacher Program

Specifications, requirements, procedures and administration of the HSCG Teacher Program. (Version 1; Jul 1, 2018)


Policies on the use of teleconferencing services. (Version 3; May 4, 2018)

Travel Policy

Requirements for any travel purchased or reimbursed by the HSCG. (Version 5; Dec 11, 2018)

Use of HSCG Property

Responsibilities for those authorized to use HSCG property and/or electronic devices. (Version 2; Jul 1, 2018)

Vendor Member Conference Benefits

Benefits for HSCG Vendor Members at the Annual Conference. (Version 2; May 4, 2018)

Wait Lists

How wait lists for exclusive or sold out items are administered. (Version 3; Jul 1, 2018)


Policy for the protection of whistleblowers and explaining the procedure for investigation and taking action. (Version 1; Mar 5, 2019)