What is Handcrafted?

A blend of science and art, handcrafted products combine the scientific knowledge of the past 150 years with the artistic skill and creativity of each maker to deliver a unique product that is safe, effective, and sustainable.

As the industry continues to grow, it is important to understand what defines a handcrafted product. Per the HSCG, soap, cosmetics or candles are considered "handcrafted" if they meet three key criteria:

  1. Majority of time, energy and processes are done "by hand" to create the final product
  2. Minimal use of mechanized equipment is used
  3. A person – not automated system – is directly overseeing the production process

While often a home-based business, the handcrafted process is complex and unique to the maker. Steps to deliver a final product include:

  • Creating the recipe
  • Measuring and mixing ingredients
  • Adding scent and color
  • Creating the shape, size or consistency by molding, cutting, trimming or mixing
  • Selecting containers and closures
  • Designing, creating and/or choosing packaging
  • Marketing, displaying and selling the final product.

Depending on the process used and the individual artistic expression, some products are made "by hand" beginning with the raw ingredients. Other makers use a prefabricated base to create the intended final product.

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