2018 Canadian Conference Topics

We strive to provide a wide selection of speakers and topics during each conference and from conference to conference. These are the speakers scheduled for the next conference ... so far! Check back to see what additional speakers you can look forward to.

Additives in Melt & Pour? Yesss!

Presented by Ariane Arsenault

Customers love everything handmade. They like it even more when additives and botanicals are added in the finished products, giving the soap that extra special touch. Ariane has made it her "niche" for the past 15 years and will share her knowledge about this topic! From honey, kelp, clays, dried botanicals to exfoliants, she will give tips and tricks on how to incorporate them into MP.

Soap from Ashes

Presented by Kerri Mixon

A professional soapmaker for 18 years, including teaching soapmaking at numerous high schools and colleges across the US, 16th generation soapmaker Kerri Mixon brings the secrets of making soap from wood ashes to Toronto. Don?t miss her simplistic slide show presentation on the art of coaxing lye from ashes. Learn different tips and tricks to master the technique of making soap from scratch without electricity. Harvesting lye from ashes to make soap ads another creative aspect to the rewarding artistry of soapmaking.

Cosmetic Regulation in Canada

Presented by Caroline Payette, Health Canada

All cosmetics sold in Canada must be safe to use and not pose any heath risk to the consumer. This presentation will give you an overview of the requirements that a cosmetic product must meet as per the Canadian Food and Drug Act and Cosmetic Regulations. It will also provide details on how to notify a cosmetic as well as the information required on a product label.

Cold Process Emulsifiers

Presented by Susan Barcly-Nichols

Working with cold process emulsifiers to make incredible lotions! In this workshop, Susan will demonstrate how to make cold process lotions using the easy-to-use emulsifiers, Aristoflex AVC and RM-2051, to make a a facial moisturizer with botanical extracts, hand and body lotion, and a light serum in less time than it takes to organize all the ingredients! This workshop would be sponsored by Windy Point of Calgary, Alberta.

Hair Care Products

Presented by Susan Barcly-Nichols

Learn to customize a shampoo, intense conditioner, and leave in conditioner using botanical extracts, proteins, vitamins, silicones, exotic oils, and more. This workshop will be sponsored by Voyageur Soap & Candle.

Fighting Bac! Keys for Successful Aqueous Product Preservation

Presented by Fatheih Alkazaz

Bacteria, yeasts, and molds are ubiquitous in nature, which means that they are virtually everywhere - ready to grow and cause problems. Aqueous, or water-based, cosmetics need to be properly preserved to defend against the growth of unwanted microbes that lead to product contamination. This presentation provides insight on factors to be considered to achieve successful product preservation as well as an overview of current natural solutions available in the market.

Little White Lyes

Presented by Kevin Dunn

Professor Dunn will shed light on research he and his students have done to answer questions about soap making and soap chemistry.

In his humorous and easy-to-understand manner, Prof. Dunn consistently amazes us with real and proven answers to the questions that soapmakers have asked him. In this presentation, he will discuss sodium hydroxide, and dispell some of the "litte white lyes" often enountered about caustic soda in soapmaking.

The Art of Pricing: Nice + High

Presented by Lela Barker

Tired of selling yourself short? Me too, sister. Too many of us keep our prices low to stimulate sales, but those low prices leave us broke and frustrated. Join me as we hop off the hamster wheel and explore product pricing strategies with a new lens. This wisdom-infused workshop will challenge you to think differently about your pricing structure. We’ll dissect how we can communicate value to customers and explore strategies for pricing our products nice and high, capturing the full value of what we create and building a legion of loyal fans in the process. I’ve got a "Name That Price" guessing game that’s going make your head spin and I promise that you’ll never look at pricing the same way again!

Hybrid Soap: A Match Made in Heaven

Presented by Sharon Czekala

Hybrid soaps combine cold Process soap and Melt & Pour soap in a single batch. These extra creative soaps are fun to make and impressive to customers. Expand your soapmaking repertoire by learning the tips and tricks that make these soaps so successful. Watch how easy it is to add transparency to cold process soap, and the wonderful properties of cold process soap to melt and pour.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Presented by Dr. Joe Shwarcz

Who is the fairest of them all? The one who sports the most alluring make-up! And of course, cosmetics companies all vie to make that claim. But are there really significant differences between inexpensive and pricey brands? Can creams retard aging? What about allegations that some cosmetics contain untested and potentially harmful ingredients? The scientific story of cosmetics, stripped of hype, hope and fear-mongering, makes for a fascinating account