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2018 Canada Conference Topics

The HSCG chooses speakers and topics to cater to most business levels and individual skills. You'll learn about business techniques, regulations, formulation-all the things you need to make the most out of your conference experience!

A Match Made in Heaven

Presented by Sharon Czekala

Hybrid soaps combine Cold Process soap and Melt & Pour soap in a single batch. These extra creative soaps are fun to make and impressive to customers. Expand your soapmaking repertoire by learning the tips and tricks that make these soaps so successful. Watch how easy it is to add transparency to cold process soap, and the wonderful properties of cold process soap to melt and pour.

Creative Soapmaking

Presented by Zahida Map

Zahida's sessions on Creative Soapmaking will explore the creative process and how it relates to soapmaking. She will discuss common creative blocks that many of us experience and provide techniques to assist in overcoming them. She will share ideas for finding inspiration and motivation in this often self-directed business. In addition to sharing some tips, tricks and techniques, Zahida will also be demonstrating her much anticipated cold process Butterfly Swirl.

Design Outside the Lines

Presented by Catherine McGinnis

If you've grown tired of the same unexciting designs, amp up your soap game with color! This session will demonstrate how to use the same recipe and the same four colors to create four incredibly unique cold process soap designs. Color creates a cohesive nexus in your range and varied designs make each soap stand-alone spectacular. Join Catherine for a live soap making demonstration and see how easy this is to recreate in your soaping space!

Fighting Bac! Keys for Successful Product Preservation: Aqueous Cosmetics

Presented by Tia Alkazaz

Bacteria, yeasts, and molds are ubiquitous in nature, which means that they are virtually everywhere – ready to grow and cause problems. Aqueous, or water-based, cosmetics need to be properly preserved to defend against the growth of unwanted microbes that lead to product contamination. This presentation provides insight on factors to be considered to achieve successful product preservation as well as an overview of current natural solutions available in the market.

How to Make Odor Neutralizing Sprays (From Body to Home)

Presented by Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell aka Miss Doyle is going to teach you how to make natural body sprays, pet sprays, room sprays and more, all from scratch! These sprays are made with a naturally based odor neutralizer as well as either essential or fragrance oils. She will present a step-by-step guide all about how to make sprays that are both water-based and alcohol free. Learn how to make amazing sprays on a small budget – a great way to fill that void in your current product offering with something unique that can’t be found in most stores!

Learn How to Be Your Own Publicist

Presented by Rebekah Epstein

What would it mean to see your company in your local newspaper, a national magazine, or even on TV? It would mean exposure to an audience of new customers excited to do business with you. Media attention can be the catalyst for success, but most solopreneurs and small business owners don’t know how to tell their own story or who to tell it to. If only the deserving entrepreneur knew how to connect with traditional media outlets to get their story out there.


Fortunately, with just a few straight-forward strategies, you can get media attention to your story and business. During this workshop, you will learn:

  1. A framework of ideas that capture the media's attention
  2. What outlets are for you and who to contact there
  3. Writing pitches that don't get deleted
  4. Follow-up etiquette to get through the noise


Public relations is a skill every business owner can use. With this insight, you can successfully be your own publicist, get the media attention you deserve, and increase sales!

Lost Art/Found Fortune

Presented by Charlene Simon

It's the thing you shove to the side thinking, "I've got my customer service down, no help needed there." or "I know how to treat customers, I need to focus production." or "I need help just getting them in the door, once they are here I'll roll out the red carpet."

The problem is, is that many of us put our  products, business systems, website, labels, packaging colors, and logos & fonts in front of the one thing that makes all of that stuff matter...customers. We think that once we have those things down pat, the door will ding and the cash register will just ring.

We are going to discover how you can create a customer experience that will easily make all of those other necessary duties fall, easily, into place.

Melt & Pour? Yesss!

Presented by Ariane Castonguay Arsenault

Customers love everything handmade. They like it even more when additives and botanicals are added in the finished products, giving the soap that extra special touch. Ariane has made it her “niche” for the past 15 years and she will share her knowledge about this topic! From honey, kelp, clays, dried botanicals to exfoliants, Ariane will give tips and tricks on how to incorporate them into MP.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Presented by Joe Schwarcz

Who is the fairest of them all?  The one who sports the most alluring make-up!  And of course cosmetics companies all vie to make that claim.  But are there really significant differences between inexpensive and pricey brands?  Can creams retard aging?  What about allegations that some cosmetics contain untested and potentially harmful ingredients?  The scientific story of cosmetics, stripped of hype, hope and fear-mongering, makes for a fascinating account.

Regulation of Cosmetics in Canada

Presented by Caroline Payette

All cosmetics sold in Canada must be safe to use and not pose any health risk to the consumer. This presentation will give you an overview of the requirements that a cosmetic product must meet as per the Food and Drug Act and the Cosmetic Regulations. It will also provide details on how to notify a cosmetic as well as the information required on a product label.

Secrets of Superfatting

Presented by Kevin Dunn

Lye discounting or superfatting is almost universally practiced by CP/HP soap makers. There are two main reasons for this. They discount their lye to avoid having residual, unreacted lye in the finished soap. They superfat because they want residual, unreacted oil in the finished soap. Are those practices actually different from one another? They want oil in the finished soap so that it will remain on the skin after washing. Does it actually remain on the skin, or does the soap carry it down the drain? These are the topics to be addressed in Secrets of Superfatting.

Streamline to Make Time

Presented by Barb DeLosSantos

Maximize your profits by reclaiming your production time. No matter whether you are in the industry to make money or simply for the joy of making products for friends and family, the common factor for both is time. There is only a limited number of hours we can dedicate to our craft; increasing productivity is the solution for both! Maximize the production time and enjoy more profit, more products, and most importantly, more time.

In this workshop we will create product concepts and practical production systems for reducing non-monetary efforts like weighing, measuring, cleaning dishes, and more, all to increase your profits on your production efforts.

We hope you enjoy the diverse lineup of topics for the 2018 Toronto Conference!

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