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Private Label Memberships in the HSCG are for those businesses that purchase handcrafted soap and/or cosmetics and then resell the products under their own private label. Private Label Members have the option of purchasing insurance at a discounted group rate by contacting Veracity Insurance directly (after signing up for membership). Additional information about the various membership benefits for Private Label Members can be found on the Member Benefits Chart and Private Label Benefits pages.

Private Label


I have read and understand the description of the Private Label Membership and I affirm that I do qualify for this membership.
I have read and understood the HSCG Code of Ethics and I agree to abide by the code while I am a member of the HSCG.

Company Address & Details

Owner and Contacts

Since Memberships are listed in the name of the BUSINESS. Each Membership may have several people associated with it. Each associated person has a unique login to the Members Area of the HSCG website and receives email and/or notifications based on his/her assigned roll. If any of the contacts get mail at a different location, than the business address above, you can update the contact information in the Member area after the membership has been processed.


The Owner is the person ultimately responsible for the membership. If no other contacts are assigned, the Owner will receive all notices, notification, eNews and mail from the HSCG.
Designating a person as the Owner is required.


The Contact Person is a person designated to handle the HSCG membership on the behalf of the Owner. If a Contact Person is designated, he/she will receive the notices, notification, eNews and mail from the HSCG. The owner will still receive new/renewed membership emails and notices of imminent membership expiration. It is not required to assign a Contact Person.
Add Contact Person


The Billing Person is a person designated to receive a copy of renewal reminders. It is not required to assign a Billing person.
Add Accting Person

Making Soap Magazine

The HSCG has partnered with Making Soap Cosmetics & Candles Magazine (previously the Saponifier) to offer a discount on a one-year subscription when it is purchased with your membership. If you already have a subscription, it will be extended for 1 year (6 additional issues); a new subscription with start with the next issue.

The subscription may be in email or print format. Print editions mailed outside the US have an additional postage fee included.

NOTE: The prices include an administrative fee of $2 charged which is retained by the HSCG to offset merchant fees and administrative costs. The balance goes directly to Making Soap Magazine for your subscription.

The printed magazine will be sent to the company address on file for this membership.

Join a Local Chapter

As part of your membership, you may join a Local HSCG Chapter. There is no additional cost to you, and you are free to leave the chapter at any time if you choose. Local Chapters provide a way to stay connected with other HSCG members in your area, network and participate in local events and activities. If you decide not to join a Local Chapter at this time, you can always do so later.


The HSCG has a referral program for members. If someone influenced your decision to join or renew your membership, you can give him/her credit.

Summary & Review

Please review the above information to ensure it is correct.

Once your transaction is finalized and paid, the HSCG office will process your membershipwithin 24 business hours. You will receive an email when your membership is active.You will be able to change your contact information and manage your membership in your Dashboard in the Member Area of the HSCG website. However, if any changes are needed to the name under which the membership is recorded, for security purposes you will need to call the HSCG office to request any changes.

Important Tax Note:

Due to the HSCG's continuting advocacy work in Washington DC, 15% of your annual dues (not including insurance) are not tax deductible. For more information, please consult your tax professional.

I have reviewed my membership selections and the information I have supplied, and it is all correct.

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