HSCG Maker's Journal

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The HSCG Maker's Journal is a must-have tool for every Maker!

The Maker's Journal features over 100 pages of valuable information and record keeping pages:

-Batch Sheets: Comprehensive batch sheets help you keep track of each batch you make for easy reference

-Fragrance Profile: Detailed fragrance profile pages serve as a quick-glance guide to scent profiles, amounts and even scent stability

-Supplier Profile: Never forget who you ordered that favorite oil from again with easy to use supplier profile pages

-Math Quick Reference: A comprehensive one-page guide with equations for lye discounts, water discounts, superfatting and more

-Measurement Conversions: Easily convert between Imperial and Metric with this easy to understand guide

-GMP and Labeling Quick Guides: These guides feature answers to frequently asked questions, like "what needs to be on the front of my label?"

The HSCG Maker's Journal is available to current Members of the HSCG!

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