Great Lakes Local Chapter

The Great Lakes Chapter covers the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.

We can be reached at

The Great Lakes Chapter officers are:

  • President: Steven Meka
  • Vice-President: Sharon Czekala
  • Secretary: Mary Ellen Quaine
  • Treasurer: Barb DeLosSantos

The Great Lakes Chapter of the HSCG is comprised of four states:  Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.  We have a strong group of members who contribute regularly in our Facebook group entitled, "Great Lakes Chapter of the HSCG."  We invite you to join us there where members work to help one another in our industry!

We welcome all soap and cosmetic handcrafters in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana to participate in our activities and attend our events.

Upcoming Activities

We are hoping to have our Local Chapter Annual Conference in September 25th 2021 in Traverse City!   Stay tuned and join our Facebook Local Chapter page:  HSCG Great Lakes Chapter to keep up with all the news in our chapter!

What We've Been Doing

In September 2019, we held our annual conference at the beautiful ICE restaurant in Toledo, Ohio.  Demonstrations were given by our officers that included natural deodorant making and shower steamers.  We also had a guest speaker who spoke on the CBD Industry and what it means for us as makers.  Additionally, our President, Sue Finley, spoke on how to hold successful in-home spa parties in your home, in the home of others and at corporate locations.  It was a day packed with information, good food, good friends, networking and prizes.  

Please Join Us!

Our activities are generally open to all. The more the merrier! Getting involved with a local group of like-minded makers is a great way to network and stay connected with others in your field. If you have any questions about what we're doing or how you could be involved, just email us:

Chapter Membership

Actual Membership in our chapter is limited to HSCG members in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana.If you are an HSCG member in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, and want to be a member of our chapter, go to your Member Profile and locate the card for "Local Chapter". It will tell you if you are signed up and, if not, will give you a link to join one. You will need to be logged in in order to access your Member Profile.