2017 Hotel

The 20th Annual HSCG Conference will be be held at the  at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a Hilton or Doubletree Property, if you are a member of HHonors you can receive points for your stay.  The actual conference runs for three full days, starting on May 1, 2017, with Intensive Seminars and Registration held the day before (on April 30, 2017).

As with past conferences, the HSCG has negotiated special hotel rates for conference attendees. This year, the rates for rooms at the Tropicana Hotel are:

  • $140 per night on Friday (April 28th) and Saturday (April 29th) nights
  • $95 per night for Sunday - Thursday nights

If your stay spans both rates, you will be shown an AVERAGE nightly rate.  

To take advantage of these rates you must use this special link to make your reservation:

Important Note: If your reservation spans both rates, the rate shown will be the AVERAGE nightly rate.

Scheduling Your Trip

Here are a few things to take into consideration when you are planning your trip and booking your room.

Intensive Seminars

Several all-day seminars will be held on April 30, 2017. They will run from 10am to 3pm, with lunch provided. Special registration will be open for seminar attendees only at 9am.

If you will be attending a seminar, it is highly recommended that you book your flight to arrive at least the day before and make your hotel reservation to start on that date. That way you will be rested and ready to start first thing in the morning.

General Registration

General registration will be from 4 - 7 pm on April 30, 2017. For anyone who is not attending a seminar, it is recommended that you schedule your flight to arrive early in the day on April 30, 2017 (or sooner) so you can get checked in to the hotel and be ready for general registration. If you can't get a flight that arrives reasonably early, then consider a flight and room reservation for the previous day so you are not rushed.

Vacation Days

The special room rates at the Tropicana are available to attendees for several days before and after the conference if you want to take some vacation time to see Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas.