2017 Keynote Address

"How to Have Your Best Day Ever, Every Day"

Do you wake up every morning groggy and already tired at the prospect of another day on the treadmill? Are you stressed out from trying to balance the demands of family and work? Have you forgotten what "me time" feels like? Does the promise of having your best day ever, every day sound too good to be true?

Like you, Anne-Marie knows what life's like when you're pulled in too many directions- and she's found a way to make it work for her. In this talk, she'll share her formula for having the best day ever, every day; practical steps you can take, starting now, to energize your outlook, shake off stress, and recharge your relationships at home and work. In this talk, you'll learn about: 

  • The Pillars- keys to health and equilibrium
  • How big journeys are best traveled with baby steps
  • How to use good to crowd out the bad
  • The power of a plan in cutting challenges down to size
  • Accountability, and how to make it work for you.


About Anne-Marie Faiola

2017 Conference Speaker, Anne-Marie Faiola
Anne-Marie Faiola

Anne-Marie Faiola is a serial entrepreneur who started her second business breeding Russian Dwarf Hamsters at the age of 16. She currently runs multiple companies in the craft, lifestyle and hobby space (www.brambleberry.com, www.otion.com, www.bestdayever.com, www.coalitionofhandcraftedentrepreneurs.com) and supervises a headcount of over 60 employees. Along the way, she picked up some fun hobbies like scuba diving, running, excessive written word consumption, and chasing two small toddlers. Anne-Marie holds a Master Certification in CP/HP Soapmaking through the HSCG. She also has an MBA and Nutritional Therapy Degree, and has been named one of the best bosses in America, one of the top 50 entrepreneurs in the United States and the best businesswoman in Washington State.