2018 Topics

Beyond Emulsifying Wax: Advanced Lotion Making

Presented by Susan Barclay Nichols

Join Susan for a workshop in which we go beyond emulsifying wax to create and modify lotions, creams, and body butters using Lotionpro™ 165, and two ECOcert emulsifiers, ECOmulse and Simulgreen 18-2. Learn how to develop and adapt your formulas by substituting, adding, or removing ingredients in the water phase as well as adjusting the emulsifiers when increasing or decreasing the oil phase.

Blending Passion with Profit (and How to Keep Them Both Alive)

Presented by David Fisher

Keeping a business going year after year, batch after batch, takes a combination of skill, creativity, hard work, and an endless supply of motivation. This session will focus on strategically growing your business without losing touch with the reasons you started it in the first place. It will discuss how to balance life and work and find ways to believe in your business (and yourself) so strongly that your passion can’t help but become reality.

Bling It! Trade & Craft Show Table Design

Presented by Michelle Rhoades

You have 3 seconds for customer to pass judgement about your booth. You had better make it look good enough from them to stop. Think of your display as a huge billboard on a highway—would you stop? If the answer is maybe, then you need to attend Michelle’s presentation. Learn how to set up your area for maximum profits and visibility. Find out how to design a space that will make everyone want to stop and shop with you. Learn about the elements of design, how to arrange a display that will attract customers at a craft show without spending a fortune. See what works and what doesn’t. Learn where to buy those special items that will help make your craft show experience a positive one without all the headaches. Showcasing your products with a spot-on design will ensure a successful show! Join Michelle as she helps you navigate the trenches of stellar booth design and be on your way to increasing your sales today!

Employees 411: How to Save Your Sanity and Hire Help

Presented by Christina Rose

Do you feel like you have a dozen jobs? Are you the maker, formulator, packer, shipper, customer service agent, accountant, bookkeeper, web master, and more? Is it time to tag in help? Learn how to hire your first employee and the steps to take. We will discuss choosing what position to hire for based on your skills, placing a help wanted ad, employee pay, government tax forms and requirements, protecting proprietary information and building solid employee policies.

Fighting Bac! Keys for Successful Product Preservation: Aqueous Cosmetics

Presented by Tia Alkazaz

Bacteria, yeasts, and molds are ubiquitous in nature, which means that they are virtually everywhere- ready to grow and cause problems. Aqueous, or water-based, cosmetics need to be properly preserved to defend against the growth of unwanted microbes that lead to product contamination. This presentation provides insight on factors to be considered to achieve successful product preservation as well as an overview of current natural solutions available in the market.

Fighting Bac! Part 2: Keys for Successful Product Preservation: Anhydrous Products

Presented by Maggie Ghanem

Bacteria, yeasts, and molds are ubiquitous in nature, which means that they are virtually everywhere – ready to grow and cause problems. Anhydrous products (anhydrous – products that contain no water), need to be properly preserved to defend against the growth of unwanted microbes that lead to product contamination. This presentation provides insight on factors to be considered to achieve successful product preservation as well as an overview of current natural solutions available in the market.

Fun With Solid Bubble Bath (Bubble Bars) & Bubble Scoops

Presented by Amanda Aaron

Learn to formulate solid bubble bath and bubble scoops! These products are all the rage these days. We’ll go over ingredients, hardeners, liquids, formulation, rolling, scooping and troubleshooting. Then I’ll actually show you how I make rolled solid bubble bath and bubble scoops. Solid bubble bath and bubble scoops are so much fun to make! They are whimsical and adorable. Kids of all ages (even adults) love using them!

Help & How To: Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

Presented by Dave Yoshida

Learn about business income taxes. In this presentation, Dave will review with participants basic tax concepts, including:

  • Keeping track of income and expenses
  • What is (and isn’t) deductible
  • The importance of paying yourself
  • Separating business finances from personal finances
  • Tricky areas like business use of home, meals and entertainment, auto expenses and more.

Dave will give concrete examples that are well-founded in tax law. Participants will have ample time for questions as well.

How Thinking About Behavioral Economics Can Help Your Business

Presented by Marc Hight

Reflecting on how predictable irrationalities in human behavior guide how we all make decisions is not just interesting-it can be useful! This presentation will walk attendees through some of the basic findings of behavioral economics and then apply them to practical cases that can help businesses, whether on-line or brick-and-mortar.

How to Distill Your Own Hydrosols and Essential Oils

Presented by Cindy Novack

Did you ever wonder how essential oils and hydrosols are made? Learn what the difference is between them along with their applications. Join Cindy for a live demonstration on steam distillation that extracts the essential oil from the plant material while creating a hydrosol. We will also discuss how to incorporate essential oils and hydrosols into your products, recipes will be shared, and many tips and tricks for a successful distillation process will be covered.

How to Make Detergent-Free Melt & Pour Soap from Scratch

Presented by John Mikrut

Transparent/Melt & Pour base is usually commercially made, but for the knowledgeable CP/HP soapmaker making your own base only requires some additional information. This class will provide the information needed to create a product that is uniquely yours; The additional ingredients you’ll need to make the soap Transparent and/or Melt & Pourable; The oils to choose to create a luxurious soap; And how to use additives to take your soap to the next level.

How to Make Odor Neutralizing Sprays (From Body to Home)

Presented by Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell aka Miss Doyle is going to teach you how to make natural body sprays, pet sprays, room sprays and more, all from scratch! These sprays are made with a naturally based odor neutralizer as well as either essential or fragrance oils. She will present a step-by-step guide all about how to make sprays that are both water-based and alcohol free. Learn how to make amazing sprays on a small budget – a great way to fill that void in your current product offering with something unique that can’t be found in most stores!

Own It! A How To Guide on Making Signature Glycerin Shaving Soaps

Presented by Jackie Thompson

Learn why glycerin soaps are a good fit in the shaving arena, why they are gaining in popularity and how the handcrafted soapmaker can make them even better!

Through a step by step demonstration and tutorial, Jackie Thompson will teach you how to make your own hot process glycerin shaving soaps. Through a discussion of ingredients and additives she will show you how to own it with variations of ingredients and additives.

Secrets of Superfatting

Presented by Kevin Dunn

Lye discounting or superfatting is almost universally practiced by CP/HP soap makers. There are two main reasons for this. They discount their lye to avoid having residual, unreacted lye in the finished soap. They superfat because they want residual, unreacted oil in the finished soap. Are these practices actually different from one another? They want oil in the finished soap so that it will remain on the skin after washing. Does it actually remain on the skin, or does the soap carry it down the drain? These are the topics to be addressed in Secrets of Superfatting.

Stunning Melt & Pour Designs

Presented by Ariane Arsenault

In this demonstration, Ariane will show you how to create beautiful swirls and shapes and how to embed them into a loaf of Melt & Pour Soap. Whether making just a small loaf or producing for a business, being strategic and using efficient methods will make great looking soaps that are ready to be sold in no time! You will see what her favourite tools and equipment are and be able to watch her put them to good use! From making to wrapping, she will tell you her MP secrets!

The Booming Men's Grooming Market

Presented by Benjamin Aaron

While most of the major beauty and personal care product companies have already created dedicated brands or sub-brands for their male grooming products, a number of handcrafted men’s grooming companies have emerged in recent years, successfully tapping into the unmet needs and growing trends in this burgeoning, lucrative industry. With the ever-growing trend of handcrafted soap and skin care start-ups becoming the norm, how can we capitalize on the developing men’s grooming craze?

The Chemistry of Essential Oil Adulteration- How, Why, and What You Need to Know

Presented by Adam Christensen

Adam Christensen the CEO of EVS discusses the most common adulteration practices, business implications, and testing methods in the essential oil and aromatherapy industries. Topics to be covered: What is adulteration in natural products, the chemical differences between synthetic and natural compounds, methods labs use for catching adulteration, examples of accidental and purposeful adulteration, and what small businesses can do in order to protect themselves and screen their products.

The Secrets to Seducing Store Buyers

Presented by Lela Barker

Does introducing your work to buyers give you heart palpitations? Fret not, my friend. This workshop is for you if: a) You’re not sure how to approach buyers, b) You’ve been introducing your work to retailers and hearing crickets in response, or c) You’re working way too hard to win the hearts + minds of the stores you really want to work with. I’m rolling up my sleeves to dish on wholesale strategies that deliver real results! Who, what, when, and how to approach. Tips for following up. Should you or shouldn’t you sample. What lights up a buyer and what makes them immediately veto a new brand. Essentially, we’re going to crawl inside the mind of a buyer, pitch a tent, and get comfy. No previous camping experience necessary!

Turning Business Cards Into Valuable Connections

Presented by Lori Saitz

A brief summary of the presentation (maximum 75 words)
You go to an event/conference, spend time networking, and leave with a fistful of business cards. Then what? Those cards sit on your desk for weeks. Eventually they collect too much dust and you sweep them into the trash. What’s the point of going to the event in the first place?!
• What to do with those cards
• How to convert conversations into relationships
• A system for turning those relationships into clients, referrals & cash

Vibrance II: Developing Color Skill Without the Intimidation of Color Theory

Presented by Clyde Yoshida

Intimidated by the language of color theory? If so, this is the presentation for you.

Let’s unlock secrets to planning color magic, including how to make spontaneous color adjustments that are sometimes needed just before the pour. The focus is on building color awareness and generating color combinations when you’re stuck for ideas.

Clyde will put aside the sometimes intimidating language of color theory and share 15 ideas to help you perfect your use of color. We’ll explore routines that expert soap designers use to produce their masterpieces.

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