2019 US Conference Seminars

Six intensive seminars are being offered for conference attendees on the day before the Conference (May 16, 2019). Each seminar runs all day, with a morning session and an afternoon session.  Seminars complete before 3PM registration starts.

These seminars are optional and are in addition to the regular conference content. The different seminars run concurrently, which means you'll have to pick just one. Space in each class is limited and is sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Cosmetic Certification Intensive

Maker Track  Presented by Sharon Czekala

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Are you interested in taking the Cosmetic Certification exam? Did you know that you need to submit three products that you made for evaluation? This seminar will take you through what's required to be successful. We will learn about, and then make samples of each of the required products, while learning formulating techniques and the exam documentation requirements. At the end of the day, you will be much better prepared to make the necessary products all on your own.

Intro to Soap Flower Carving

Maker Track  Presented by Richard Brooks

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Rick Brooks believes that anyone can learn to carve soap given the proper instruction AND a willingness to practice, practice, practice. In this unique workshop you'll learn all the basics of soap flower carving (similar to how he learned in Thailand), including how to make the pods, knife skills and safety, and where to buy supplies. Students will work with both cold process and melt & pour soap, with plenty of hands-on time to practice. Rick's four P's are: Passion, Practice, and Patience = Perfection! He is excited to share his passion for this ancient art called Siam Soap Carving.

Let's Get Fizzy with Ariane & Lee!

Maker Track  Presented by Ariane Arsenault & Lee Choy

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Hosted by the colourful Ariane Arsenault and the ingenious Lee Choy, this seminar is the starting point to the basic elements of creating successful rock-solid bath bombs and adding an artistic twist to it!

With the help of Lee & Ariane you will learn foolproof formulas and get your hands into the powdery mix to experience how fizzy bath bombs are made. You will be guided to choose the right ingredients, moisturizing oils, approved colorants, equipment and tools for your needs. We will cover how to press by hand as well as using The Bath Bomb Press. You will also be given tips and tricks on colouring, swirling and decorating bath bombs as well as working in different times of the year and climates.

Salt of the Earth

Maker Track  Presented by Melanie Brown

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Today’s fast paced lifestyle often has many in our society stressed beyond belief. As they seek ways to “de-stress”, some are turning to their bath’s solace, like the ancient Greeks and Romans did to achieve that Zen feeling.  The need for relaxation has resulted in an increased use of salts.    

Salts have so many naturally occurring and beneficial minerals.   Examples include, but are not limited to bath salts, salt scrubs, soaps and soap bars.   During our day together, we will discover a variety of different salts that are used in bath and body products as well as making Soleseife soap, bath salts, and scrubs.

Sculpted Soap

Maker Track  Presented by John Mikrut

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Learn to make colorful and intricate soaps using the sculpted soap technique. In this technique, made in a log mold, forms are used to sculpt a layer of soap before the next layer is poured. In this way interesting designs can be achieved that go through the entire bar of soap. In this hands on seminar, working in small groups, you will pick a design, make the forms, then use them to create a unique bar of soap.

Groovin' the Big Batch Swirl

Advanced Track  Presented by Jackie Thompson & Catherine McGinnis

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Has the thought of losing your swirl held you back from taking that next great step into large batch production?   Put your mind at ease with this hands-on intensive workshop. Participants will learn various swirling techniques adapted for vertical block mold production as they make and swirl over 200 lbs. of soap during this intensive workshop. Also covered in the presentation will be tips and techniques of big batch production.

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