2019 US Conference Soapers' Showcase

Enter your best soaps into the Soapers Showcase at the 2019 Annual Conference! This is a great opportunity to showcase your soapmaking efforts in front of a record crowd of your soapmaking peers. Each registered conference attendee* may submit up to 7 soaps, one soap in each main category. In addition, all soaps entered have the chance to win "Best In Show,".

Entry forms will be your in registration packet at the conference, or you can download the entry form and have it all ready when you arrive (which will make things go a little faster).

* NOTE: The Board of Directors, HSCG Staff, Conference Volunteers, Conference Exhibitors and Speakers are not eligible to participate in the Soapers' Showcase.

Below are the guidelines for participating in the Soapers Showcase:

  1. The Soapers' Showcase categories are:
    • Best Melt & Pour Soap
    • Best Cold/Hot Process Soap
    • Best Hybrid Soap
    • Best Pet Soap
    • Best Scent
    • Best Packaging
    • Best Conference-Themed Soap (Texas)
    • Something Different (all)
    • PLUS - The Ugliest, Stinkiest most horrible soap that is entered into the Ugly Soap Contest will win a very special gift.  
  2. All soaps entered need to be void of any packaging to make it possible for voters to see the soap detail, with the exception of the "Best Packaging" entry.
  3. All soaps entered into the Soapers Showcase will be automatically in the "Best of Show" category;  you do not have to worry about using one of your three entries for that race.
  4. Each 2019 HSCG conference attendee may submit a maximum of SEVEN (7) soaps.  Only one soap may be submitted per category.
  5. You must sign up and deliver your soaps by NOON May 17th. Any soap delivered after that will not be able to be included.
  6. The Soapers Showcase Coordinator is in charge of the display and will decide how and where the soaps will be displayed. You are responsible for delivering your soaps to the showcase location at the conference.
  7. Each soap entered will be assigned an identification number to ensure voting integrity. The Soapers Showcase Coordinator will determine the numbering process.
  8. During the conference, registered attendees will vote to determine the winners in each category. Ballots must be received by the end of the second day of the conference in order to be counted.
  9. The voting process is very important. Each attendee will get one ballot in their registration packet. This is the only ballot they will receive. If the ballot is lost, stolen or damaged it cannot be replaced. This is to insure that there will be only one (1) vote per registered attendee.
  10. Winners will be announced and awards presented at the Awards Dinner on the last night of the Conference.
  11. All soaps entered into the Showcase will be donated to a non-profit women's center at the end of the conference. You may bring additional soaps to donate to the organization, if you choose.

If you have any questions or need additional information, you can reach the Soaper Showcase Coordinator at soapersshowcase@soapguild.org.

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