2020 Conference - Seminars

COVID-19 Notice

It is with great regret that we must confirm that the HSCG 2020 Conference in Hartford, CT has been cancelled.

For more information, please see our full COVID-19 Statement

Six intensive seminars are being offered for conference attendees on the day before the Conference (April 22, 2020). Intensive Seminars take place ALL DAY, with a break for lunch. Prepare to immerse yourself in a full day of learning from select expert speakers!

These seminars are optional and are in addition to the regular conference content. Please keep in mind that you may only sign up for one Intensive Seminar - seminars take place at the same time, and it is not possible to sign up for more than one. 

Due to the hands-on nature of some classes, our attorney is requiring that all participants in those classes sign a release form before attending. If a release is required, it is noted under the seminar description. You can view and download the release form (opens in a new window or tab) at any time. Directions for signing and returning the form are on page two.

Candle Making with Natural Waxes

Maker Track  Presented by Cindy Novack

Sorry, Sold Out!

This seminar is the best of all of natural our candle making classes all wrapped up into one fun filled day of nothing but candles, candles and more candles! This class is great for beginners and experienced candle makers who want to come and play with all different types of natural waxes without having to buy each one. This seminar covers everything candle making including selecting your wax, wicks, scent, when to use additives, wax blending, tips and tricks and more.

Each student will get valuable hands on experience making their own candles to take home with them.  Hands on candle making projects in this class will include:  containers, wax melts, votives, tealights and dessert pie candles.

Each project will be ready to package and label before by the end of class so you are leaving with many different beautiful candles after a waxy fun day.

A release is required prior to attending this class.

Cosmetic Certification Intensive

Maker Track  Presented by Sharon Czekala

Still Available - Register Now!

Are you interested in taking the Cosmetic Certification exam? Did you know that you need to submit three products that you made for evaluation? This seminar will take you through what's required to be successful. We will learn about, and then make samples of each of the required products. We will also review formulating techniques, documentation and labeling requirements, and the math calculations you will need to know to pass the written exam. At the end of class, all attendees will have the opportunity to take the written Basic Cosmetic Certification examination.

A release is required prior to attending this class.

From Fizz Disaster to Bath Bomb Maker!

Maker Track  Presented by Lee Choy & Ariane Arsenault

Sorry, Sold Out!

Hosted by the colourful Ariane Arsenault and the ingenuous Lee Choy, this class is the starting point to the basic elements of creating successful bath bombs and adding an artistic twist with production in mind. Learn tried and true formulas, learn many secrets no one has been willing to share with you yet and learn how bath bombs are made. From ingredients to equipment, get ready because this class is going to get fizzy!

A release is required prior to attending this class.

It All Adds Up: Using Additives to Make a Good Product Great

Maker Track  Presented by Melanie Brown

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Additive - noun - something that is added, as one substance to another, to alter or improve the general quality of something.

You've tested and tested and arrived at a good, basic recipe for your product whether it be a soap, lotion, body butter, scrub, or other concoction. Now what? Besides choosing the correct oils and butters for your product, what else can you add to take your product from good to GREAT? This discussion will include the many different additives available, and what each additive can do to improve or take your product to the next level. 

A release is required prior to attending this class.

Labeling: What's Required, Allowed and to be Avoided

Business Track  Presented by Marie Gale

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Labels and Labeling: what goes on your product and what you say about the product on the label and elsewhere. And the perennial question ... Is it legal?  It can be confusing, intimidating and make it seem like you are trudging uphill on the shifting sands of the desert. 

But, the truth is that there are just a few rules you need to know, understand, and follow. When you have those under your belt,  it becomes easy. Like cruising down the open road with nothing in your way.

Marie will present those rules to you in a way that you can understand them and take them home to use in your business.  

Advanced Soapmaking

Advanced Track  Presented by Catherine McGinnis

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This is a seminar for the advanced soap maker wanting to expand his/her knowledge and skill set. You will learn the skills and tips that will help you excel on your Advanced Cold Process/Hot Process (CP/HP) exam and you will experience soap making hands on. 

A release is required prior to attending this class.