US Conference 2023


Three intensive seminars are being offered for conference attendees on the day before the Conference (May 4, 2023). Intensive Seminars take place ALL DAY, with a break for lunch. Prepare to immerse yourself in a full day of learning from select expert speakers!

These seminars are optional and are in addition to the regular conference content. Please keep in mind that you may only sign up for one Intensive Seminar - seminars take place at the same time, and it is not possible to sign up for more than one. 

Due to the hands-on nature of some classes, our attorney is requiring that all participants in those classes sign a release form before attending. If a release is required, it is noted under the seminar description. You can view and download the release form (opens in a new window or tab) at any time. Directions for signing and returning the form are on page two.

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For The Love of Fizz

Intensive Seminar Session

Presented by: Robyn French Smith

It’s time you stopped being afraid of, or angry with bath bombs and instead learned to love them! Most of the time when people say that they dislike making bath bombs it’s because they haven’t found a recipe, prep method, or type of mold that makes the process fun and enjoyable for them. With this class those days are in the past! Robyn French Smith firmly believes that knowledge is power and she has been leading the bath bomb revolution for several years now turning skeptics into believers. 

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Scaling on Up!

Intensive Seminar Session

Presented by: Tracy Heppes, Jackie Thompson

Scaling up means working smarter not harder! If you want to exponentially increase your profits without adding significant costs, this intensive seminar is for you! Join Jackie as she shows you the science, technology and equipment needed to scale up your business! Topics covered will include strategizing, streamlining production, adapting the product line, finance, marketing and social media. The afternoon session will include attendee participation in making 60 bar batches of soap!

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The Whole Deal on Wholesale

Intensive Seminar Session

Presented by: Sara Golding

Wholesale isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a critical look into your entire business to understand if you are even ready. Successful wholesale needs streamlined COGs and formulas, studio space considerations, and the ability to scale.

Together, we will walk through wholesale basics of terminology, cost analysis, goal setting, and how to locate and approach potential accounts. We will also prepare your studio for increased production and storage considerations, in addition to GMP.

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