US Conference 2024

Maker's Showcase

Enter your unique soaps, cosmetics and candles in our newly reimagined Makers Showcase at the 2024 Annual Conference!

The Makers Showcase is a combination of peer-voted and juried categories that registered conference attendees* can choose to participate in. This is a friendly competition, and winners in each category are honored at the Closing Ceremonies at the end of the conference. Additionally, the 2024 Makers Showcase will feature TWO “Best Product” winners: attendees will choose a “Best Peer Voted” entry from the Peer Voted Categories, and judges will choose a “Best Juried” entry from the Juried Categories to be honored at the Closing Ceremonies as well.

*HSCG Board of Directors, Staff, Conference Volunteers, Conference Exhibitors and their associates, and Speakers are not eligible to participate in the Makers Showcase.

Peer Voted Categories

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We’ve brought back attendee voting for 2024; attendees will have the opportunity to vote on a number of categories!

Peer Voted categories for 2024 are:

● Cold Process/Hot Process Soap

● Melt & Pour Soap

Creative & Specialty Soap: includes decorative soaps, children’s soaps, pet soaps, and other creative soaps that don’t necessarily fit into our other categories. ● Conference-Themed Soap

Packaging: all soaps in this category must be compliantly labeled according to FDA guidelines. Three products with the highest number of votes will be reviewed by Marie Gale for proper labeling.


Juried Categories

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There are some products that are better judged in a hands-on way, and that’s why we’ll also have a few Juried Categories at the 2024 Makers Showcase.

Juried Categories for 2024 are:

● Lotion

● Bath Fizzies: includes bath bombs, salts, and scoops.

Body Scrub: below the neck only - no lip or facial scrubs will be accepted.

Lip Balm

Entry Details

● All soaps must be entered void of any packaging so that attendees can view the full detail of the product, with the exception of soaps submitted in the Packaging Category, of course.

● All products entered into the Makers Showcase will automatically be entered for consideration for the Best Peer Voted and Best Juried awards. You do not have to use an entry as these are not considered categories.

● Each eligible 2024 HSCG Conference Attendee may submit one (1) entry per category.

● Each category in the Juried Entry Group will require duplicate/multiple product submissions for testing, as outlined below:

  • Lotion, Bath Fizzies & Body Scrub: (2) of each entry product are required. One will be used for display, and one will be used for testing. This means that if you are entering a body scrub, for example, you will need to submit TWO identical scrubs from the same batch.
  • Lip Balm: Each entry must be submitted with four identical balms from the same batch; one for display, and one for each of our three judges to test. Our judges love each other, but not enough to use the same lip balm!

● Each participating attendee must fill out entry forms for the categories they are participating in. There are two entry forms; one for Peer Voted Categories and one for Juried Categories. Please fill out and return one or both entry forms to prior to May 1st to expedite your check-in at the Makers Showcase table. If you are unable to do so, we will provide forms for you to fill out.

● All required paperwork (if not received by the HSCG by May 1st), entries, and duplicates if required must be turned in by 12 PM local time on May 14th at the Makers Showcase table. Any entries, duplicates, or paperwork submitted after this time will not be accepted.

● If you are submitting products in the Packaging, Lotion, Bath Fizzies, Body Scrub, or Lip Balm categories, these products must be compliantly labeled according to U.S. FDA guidelines.

● The Maker Showcase Coordinator is in charge of the display and will decide how and where the products are displayed. Each product will be assigned a number for ease of voting. The numbers are generated at random and not assigned to products in a specific order.

● Attendees can vote for their favorite product in the Peer Voted Categories starting at 1 PM local time on May 16th. Voting will close at the end of the final break on May 17th. All votes must be placed electronically - no paper ballots or verbal entries will be accepted.

● Attendees will be able to view all entries, including non-votable Juried entries, until May 17th. After the final break on May 17th, the judges panel will convene and determine the winners in each Juried Category, and determine the Best Juried Product.

● Winners for each category, including Best Peer Voted Product and Best Juried Product, will be announced at the Closing Ceremonies on May 18th.

● Products featured in the Makers Showcase will be brought back to HSCG Headquarters to be put on display!

If you have any questions, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to help!

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