How-To Library

The HSCG How-To Library is your go-to source for all types of information to help you improve your soap and cosmetic making expertise and your business skills. The content provided by the HSCG is free and clear of all sales pitches and slants toward a particular product or service. You can expect the information to be clear, unbiased and peer-reviewed. You won't get opinions in the HSCG learning library -- you'll get facts, useable how-to directions for making products and expanding your business acumen.

Making Soap

making soap

Learn about how to make soap, including cold process, hot process, melt & pour and other methods, selecting ingredients and materials, coloring, swirling and design techniques and more. How to Make Soap  

Making Cosmetics

making cosmetics

Learn about how to make all types of handcrafted cosmetics such as lotions, creams and scrubs, including how to select ingredients, preservation systems, safety and equipment and more. How to Make Cosmetics  

Other Products

making other products

Find out how other products you can make to go along with your existing handcrafted soap and cosmetic products including candles, potpourri, room spays, household scent products and more. How to Make Other Products  


Fragrances-EssentialOils and Ingredients

Understanding fragrances, essential oils and ingredients used in making handcrafted soap and cosmetics. Selecting, blending, and how to use them. Learn about Fragrances, Essential Oils and Ingredients  


marketing and promotion

Find out different ways to market your business and promote your products. Branding, social media, press releases and more ways to get your business and products known. Marketing & Promotion  


business and finance

How to set up your business and finances, create budgets, register your business, sales taxes - all you need to get your business off the ground with financial and inventory systems set up. Business & Finance  

Legal & Compliance

legal and compliance

What you need to know about the legal requirements and federal, state and local regulations for making and selling handcrafted soap and cosmetics. Legal & Compliance  

Cut to the Trace eZine

Cut to the Trace eZine cover

The HSCG's Cut to the Trace eZine is published quarterly. It contains articles, how-to's, association and industry news, classified ads and a marketplace of HSCG vendor members.

The eZine is published in .pdf format and is available to all HSCG members and registered users (login is required). Read eZine issues  

HSCG Radio

HSCG Radio

HSCG Radio is a podcast series of episodes containing interviews with industry leaders covering all manner of subjects and topic of interest to handcrafted soap and cosmetic makers. New episodes are released every other Monday. Listen to Podcasts  

HSCG Experts

Our HSCG Experts are here to provide tips and advice, answer your questions, and help you bring your product and business to the next level. There are here for YOU!

Benjamin Aaron

HSCG expert on Business growth

Tips and Advice from Benjamin Aaron  

Regina Bauscher

HSCG expert on Essential Oils

Tips and Advice from Regina Bauscher  

Sharon Czekala

HSCG expert on MP & Hybrid Soap

Tips and Advice from Sharon Czekala  

Marie Gale

HSCG expert on Product labeling

Tips and Advice from Marie Gale  

Lori Nova Endres

HSCG expert on Teaching Classes

Tips and Advice from Lori Nova Endres  

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If there is a subject you would like to see addressed in the How-To Library, please contact the Executive Director () with your suggestion(s). Alternatively, if you would like to submit an article or video for consideration for the How-To Library, please see Submitting Materials for the How-To Library.