Benjamin Aaron

Benjamin Aaron is the HSCG Expert in Business Concepts.

Benjamin Aaron is the HSCG Expert in Business Concepts.

Benjamin Aaron’s entrepreneurial efforts in the handcrafted soap and skin care industry lead him to establishing a retail storefront and a wholesale distribution that reached across the continent and beyond.


Later Benjamin moved on to co-founding and directing a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization with his wife, Amanda Gail Aaron, called The Lovin’ Soap Project. The mission is to empower women in developing nations with an artisan manufacturing trade: soap and skin care production. The Lovin’ Soap Project solves two of the biggest problems in the developing world; 1) the general lack of hygiene knowledge and implementation and 2) the lack of economic opportunity for women. The Lovin’ Soap Project has conducted artisan manufacturing and business workshop training in Haiti, Uganda, Senegal, India, Tibet, Fiji, and Kenya. To find out more about the project, visit


With the experiences and knowledge attained from running a successful for-profit soap and skin care company, along with training of dozens of individuals around the world, Benjamin offers his unique perspective on business and artisan manufacturing at, one of our industries biggest and most practical resources for soap and skin care production and business knowledge. 


Benjamin has authored the following books:

–      Men’s Grooming Recipe Book

–      Pricing Handmade Soap for Profit

–      Creating a Soap & Skin Care Brand

–      Essential Oil Blends for Men

–      How to Wholesale Your Handcrafted Soap

–      The Handy Little Sales Book for Scaredy Pants


Paperback and Kindle formats for Benjamin’s books can be found on his author page or by searching the titles or his name on eBook formats can be found at


For information one-on-one business coaching and consultation with Benjamin, email him at


Benjamin lives with his family in Cocoa Beach, FL. His favorite pastimes are traveling, reading, writing, being on the beach and going on adventures with his wife and children.  


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