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I have your book and love it! I do have a couple of questions, most of the recipes are for hot processed, can they also be made in cold processed? Also it doesn't mention much about cure time, if I made your recipe with goat milk, would I still let it cure for 6 weeks if I used the CP method? Lastly, I made a batch from another dual lye recipe, but the customers said that they have a hard time rinsing it out of their razor. I personally use it and didn't have that problem. But I have no idea what to change in the recipe that would make it easier to rinse out. Thank you!  -- K.W.

Do you know any resources for training on how to enter the white label/private label market?  -- M.C.

Good morning! We are the U.S based manufacturer of cosmetic products using organic ingredients. We are approached by a distributor to launch our products in the international market. We seek guidance on the process of contracting with the distributor on the following aspects: 1) The general process of contracting. 2) Basic due diligence checks from the supplier. 3) Contract drafting & legal help. 4) Export-import licensing. 5) Product/Shipping insurance. Sincerely, Kusum Cosmetics  -- N.G.

How can I target wholesale accounts  -- L.S.

Using the Price Calculator: how do you determine how many bars of soap you will sell in a month, if you've never sold soap, you just want to get pricing for one batch? I hope that makes sense.  -- J.F.

How to select an accountant and contract manufacturer for organic hair products. I know these are very different but I need advice on both. Thanks! -April  -- A.S.

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