Cheryl Mitchell Answers Your Questions

Hi Cheryl, I was unable to attend your session of odor neutralizing room sprays in Atlanta as I was working another session. Do you have your handout available? Thanks!  -- K.P.

Hi Kristen, 

I do not have a great handout from last year but will be covering it again this May along with 5 other recipes that you can use the Odor Neutralizer with. The guild website does sell my complete books detailing how to make them and also how to make aromatherapy sprays. Or you can check them out on Kindle unlimited if you are a member. I also have a YouTube channel Miss Doyle's Soapery that covers a few videos on how to make them. Or you can also join my FB group Miss Doyle's a Place for Creating Greatness and there are lots of how to's and other folks chatting about ON. I hope this helps. Sorry it took a bit I was working out glitches with my login. 

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