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I am researching for future melt n' pour classes and I would love any advise on how to cool the soap so it can be unfolded quickly. These are make and take/sip n' soap type classes. I have been teaching CP soap making for years but I would like to expand into this less caustic type of classes. Thank you.  -- J.H.

Hi Jill,

I teach this type of class now, and here's what I have found works well.  Teach the minimum they need to know to make their soaps at the beginning of the class and have students get their soaps in the mold as early as possible. Then use the remaining class time, while the soaps are setting up, to teach about bases, colors, fragrances, technique, etc. (and enjoy the wine!).  Instruct students to keep their soap base as cool as possible, and not to overheat. Use relatively shallow molds, or tell students to only fill large molds halfway.  I also provide a lot of different color soap chunks they can use as embeds, which also hardens the soap faster. And if you have access to fans, these help a lot to cool and harden the soaps.

Hope this helps!


Hi Sharon! Is it usual for low sweat M&P soap to darken when used in layers with Cold Process?  -- D.T.


I have not found this to be the case, and I use low sweat MP exclusively when making hybrid soaps.  I do find that all clear MP soap looks darker when combined with cold processed soap, just because the light is blocked when layering.  Other reasons could be bleeding colorants, or browning caused by the fragrance oil used.


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